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Rodent Inside a Cage - Extermination vs Rodent graphic

Extermination vs. Rodent Proofing 

At some point, most homeowners experience a minor rodent infestation and need to rely on a rodent control company. The company you call may handle your issue with an emphasis on extermination. In contrast, others market their services as rodent proofing. When you understand the difference between these two services, you are better equipped to […]

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Warping Rooftop - How to Properly Dry a Leak to Avoid Mold graphic

How to Properly Dry a Leak to Avoid Mold 

With the constantly fluctuating weather patterns and intense storms in Seattle, there is also an increased potential for moisture buildup and mold growth in the attics of homes and buildings. Water damage is another common situation that can encourage mold development when not addressed.  It is not surprising that attics and crawl spaces are often […]

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Rodent Closeup - Can Rat Droppings Make You Sick graphic

Can Rat Droppings Make You Sick? 

Spotting rat droppings in your home can be one of the worst parts of being a homeowner. The unwelcome pests are certainly annoying, but you may be left wondering whether they’re dangerous. Keep reading to determine whether rat droppings can make you sick and what to do when you spot them in your attic.  Risks […]

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