raccoon removal near me

How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Raccoons might seem cute and cuddly at first glance, but they can cause several issues that adversely affect your property. They can infest your home and cause significant structural damage that demands expensive repair services to restore. Fortunately, our Attic Projects team offers first-class raccoon removal services that will make your raccoon problem a thing […]

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hantavirus dried droppings

How Long Does Hantavirus Live in Droppings

If you notice signs of a rodent infestation, several questions about the hantavirus might cross your mind. Is hantavirus dangerous? Should you worry about it? This virus can have dangerous implications for humans. Therefore, use caution when handling anything touched by rodents. How long does the hantavirus live in droppings? The answer depends on several […]

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can you get hantavirus from old mouse droppings

Diseases From Mouse Droppings

One of the things no homeowner wants to deal with is pests. Bugs, mice, rats, and other animals sneak into our homes, looking for warmth, food, and shelter from the elements. While the idea of having these creatures crawling around in your attic, walls, or crawlspace can feel creepy and unsanitary, you will find a […]

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Updated: Controlling Rats in Multi-Unit Buildings

As a property or building manager, you are responsible for ensuring the complex remains rodent free for your tenants. But rodents are tricky critters and can squeeze through the smallest holes, establishing their place as unwanted guests.   You and your tenants will know they are there from their unpleasant trail of droppings and shredded insulation. […]

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Rodent in Attic

When Is the Best Time to Rodent-Proof Your Attic?

Winter is the perfect time for unwanted critters to enter your home. After all, they’re looking for food and a place to keep warm, and a cozy house filled with tasty treats is the ideal location. Unfortunately, once they’ve invaded your space, rodents become a threat to your health and belongings.  You likely already know […]

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Closeup of Rodent Bombs - Why Rodent Bombing Is Bad for Your Home graphic

Why Rodent Bombing Is Bad for Your Home

Rodent bombing is a specific type of pest control that you should try to avoid. It uses total release foggers to kill rodents, similar to methods used for deep-rooted insect infestations. However, these are two separate situations that don’t call for the same approach at all. Rodent bombing is inhumane, causing unnecessary suffering to pests. […]

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Rodent Inside a Cage - Extermination vs Rodent graphic

Extermination vs. Rodent Proofing 

At some point, most homeowners experience a minor rodent infestation and need to rely on a rodent control company. The company you call may handle your issue with an emphasis on extermination. In contrast, others market their services as rodent proofing. When you understand the difference between these two services, you are better equipped to […]

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Rodent Entry Points

Here’s How to Spot Rodent Entry Points

No one likes to think of rodents and other pests scurrying about their home! Rats and other rodents will settle in as unwelcome guests in your home if you allow them the opportunity. This article will help you figure out how to spot rodent entry points. According to the CDC, they don’t only carry disease, […]

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