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Attic home inspectors and crawl space inspectors are invaluable in helping you, as a real estate agent, provide the best quality service to your clients. It’s a partnership you shouldn’t be without. Your clients trust you to protect them from a poor investment, as well as negotiate crucial repairs before the ink dries on a contract. But not knowing those issues can lead to problems down the road, including lawsuits. That’s why an attic home inspection and a crawl space inspection are beneficial for you and your client.

Insist On An Attic And Crawl Space Home Inspection And Become Your Client’s Superhero!

An attic or crawl space that’s poorly ventilated leads to a buildup of mold and mildew, which in turn affects a home’s air quality. A regular home inspector may find these problems and suggest the damaged materials be replaced. Sadly, that’s just a temporary fix. If the ventilation remains poor, that mold will return, causing health problems for the new homeowners.

Not only is it harmful to the homeowner, but it could also mean a potential lawsuit for your client, the sellers, and you. Be proactive and hire an attic home inspector or crawl space inspector to pinpoint problems before they happen. That way, you have a happy and healthy client who will gladly refer you to other businesses.

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Attic And Crawl Space Home Inspectors Save Your Clients Money!

Our inspectors are pros at finding air leaks caused by damaged or poor insulation. Poor insulation leads to a hot attic in summer – making it expensive to keep the house cool – and a cold attic in winter, which leads to a miserable home environment. Plus, most attics have exposed wood. Extreme temperatures can harm rafters, leading to structural damage. Attic home inspectors can easily locate these problems, making your clients happy by saving money upfront. The cost of an attic home inspection is minimal compared to the long-run savings your clients will enjoy.

Don’t Forget A Crawl Space Home Inspection!

Crawl space home inspectors are equally crucial to ensure you have the most accurate information about the home your clients want to buy or sell. As with an attic, poor insulation promotes an uncomfortable home environment that’s costly to heat or cool. Worse still, poor insulation means rodents and other small animals can move in, damaging your home and causing disease and other problems. A crawl space home inspector can not only spot problems but also point out potential trouble, as well as recommend a solution for your client.

Discovering potential issues in a home will gain you leverage when negotiating the contract. The last thing your client needs is to move into a home and then discover they will need to pay additional costs to make their new home livable. An attic home inspection, as well as a crawl space home inspection, will give you the crucial information you need to negotiate a fair price for your client.

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Whether your client is buying or selling a home, attic home inspectors and crawl space inspectors are your best friends when it comes to providing quality service. A trusted partnership with real experts ensures you’re a step ahead of the competition while protecting your reputation as a trusted agent.

Referral fees are another bonus of developing a partnership with attic home inspectors and crawl space home inspectors. It’s a relationship that benefits not only you and the inspector but your homeowner as well. Contact Attic Projects today, and let us help you and your clients every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Most real estate agents already recommend that homebuyers work with a reputable home inspector. Unfortunately, most traditional inspectors are not trained to inspect rarely trafficked and hard to reach areas like the crawl space and attic. Typical inspections of those areas consist of a quick look around and this lack of knowledge and expertise can lead to a number of unfavorable issues for homebuyers and sellers. Some potential issues can include poor air quality, pest infestation, and potential structural damage.

Yes! A poorly ventilated attic or crawl space can cause a buildup of mold and mildew. This will cause the quality of air to drop precipitously. Poor air quality can lead to major respiratory issues. Typical home inspectors may recommend that you replace contaminated parts or areas, but will not know how to fix the problem.

Yes! A dirty attic and crawl space can cause structural damage to a property over time. Making repairs to a home’s structure can be very expensive and frustrating for your clients.

In addition to the structural damage, a poorly kept attic or crawl space can negatively affect your client’s heating and cooling costs. Damaged or inadequate insulation can make it difficult for your HVAC system to keep the home cooled or heated. Recommending an inspection can save a lot of money upfront, give additional negotiating power, encourage the seller to fix any problem, save from making a bad investment, or confirm the home is in good condition.

Yes! Our well-trained attic and crawl space inspectors understand the signs of a pest infestation and know what to do to banish them from a property.

It doesn’t matter if your client is buying a property or selling one, attic and crawl space inspectors can potentially save your client thousands of dollars. Partnering with Attic Projects protects your client’s best interest and enhances your reputation. Don’t allow your clients to go into a sale or purchase blindly, ensure that they have the attic and crawl space thoroughly inspected before any contracts are signed.

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*Our in-house inspectors will provide you a detailed inspection report so we understand exactly what needs to be done, to take you where you want to be. Make sense?

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