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Re-insulating the attic was recommended during the inspection of our new home. I called Attic Projects and Chase came out to give me the straight dope, man, the objective information about my attic situation. He was friendly, professional, without any hint of field-sales hucksterism.

Recommendations were sound and professional, price was fair, and we went for it. Fast forward two weeks and we have both piece of mind that our attic is good to go for a long while (rodent proof, disinfected, and properly insulated), as well as a house that keeps and holds a comfortable temperature much longer. We have central air that I’d like to use as infrequently as possible (is there a Yelp for SDG&E price fascism?)–I’m confident that the work Attic Projects did will help with that.

P.S. No raccoons were harmed in the composition of this review.

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I want to thank Adam, and the installers for being professional at their job. The installers came in and did a great job. They were very courteous and professional, and hard working gentlemen. Had a crack in the drywall, and the project manager got it handled the very next day. Thank you Attic Projects, God bless your business.

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My wife and I wanted to hook these guys up again! We are so happy we went with them for the insulation in our attic. Before Adam and his guys came out, our house had terrible insulation. We live in Lakeside, so the temperatures can go from 35-100 year round. Before they came in, the temperature in the house would drop or rise, and I mean FAST. Since they came in and did our job a month ago, our AC or Heater in our house has came on – maybe a handful of times. We keep our house about 69-81, to keep things economical on the gas bill, but we are SO glad we invested in the insulation with Adam and his team.

Thank you guys so much! As a business owner of a very reputable moving company, they are on my companies “recommended vendor list”

Thanks guys!

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Their work is excellent and thorough. The mark of a good company is seen in keeping their word. The first day had some difficulties that were not addressed. But, the following day and another day, they more than made up the difference in making sure all services were rendered thoroughly. We’ve had a never ending affair with rats and mice in the attic, dancing at all hours. This is the first time in decades we have not had rodent issues. In addition, the added fresh insulation has made the house very comfortable so far without needing to heat it. The crew and the supporting staff work very well together. We are happy.

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First off, Chase went over and above to explain the process and help me feel comfortable with the investment I was about to make. Then, AJ and Chris took care of business doing a great job. Definitely satisfied with the work they did!

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I called up Attic Projects for a spray insulation estimate. Adam was super friendly and we talked through my request. He came out to my house the same day and did a quick estimate. In the end, I wound up not going with spray foam and DID NOT HIRE any company because the cost/benefit wasn’t justified for my small project.

However, Adam was by far the most responsive, friendly, and on the spot of any of the 5 companies I contacted. He was the only one who was actually willing to come to the house and do an estimate–even knowing it was a small job.

If I do need sprayfoam for a future project, I know where to turn.

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From Adam in sales to Jordan, the crew leader during the project, everyone was polite, accommodating, reliable, did great work! Thanks for insulating my floor, blowing insulation in my walls, and insulating my downstairs apartment!

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S. R. Z.


Adam was great to work with and completed the job the next day after he gave me a very competitive quote! I like the quality and the crew cleaned everything spotless! I would definitely recommend them! If you would like to see the job just send me a message and I’ll show you! It’s in Old Town San Diego.

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We found Attic Projects on Craigslist. Adam came out and took over an hour to provide me the estimate and walk through the process as this is the first insulation job I’ve ever had to do! We got the flooring underneath our townhome insulated. They gave us a great price compared to the other contractors (had a couple other quotes to compare the estimate to), and if you can be flexible on timing, they can give you a great discount. They completed the work in 6 hours and it looks (and feels) great! Would definitely work with Adam and this company on future homes!

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We were impressed with Mike Alba’s thorough assessment then Anthony leading a hard-working crew as they detoxed our rat infested attics and basements and made a safe and clean home. What was even more satisfying was the follow up by Jordan to finish the job and fix the few problems that remained. Great work!

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Anthony and Louis did an amazing job essentially flipping by attic. Tim was great to work with also as he helped me define what I needed and worked to get it done quickly and affordably. A different company had come to just spray cheap insulation on top of the old insulation without any discussion or work on cleaning the attic’s mold and termite debris. The other company did not seal the gaps and holes in the attic to protect against rodents. The old company did not seal the areas near my heater nor tape up the ducts where they were torn. The old company also did nothing to secure the loose insulation near my whole house fan. The result from the old company is that insulation flew around my attic and snowed snowed in my house when the heater or house fan were on. These guys fixed all of that and put in a new access board. It was a long, hard day for them, but it came out so great.

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Extremely satisfied with Adam and attic projects service! I first called to receive an estimate for clearing and installing new insulation for my attic. It was easy to schedule an appointment over the phone. As a first time client, I was a bit nervous about this job but was blown away by the results. I didn’t have to do anything! They showed up on time and were very respectful. They completely cleaned the Attic. Installed the new blown in insulation and disposed of the old and dusty insulation.Amazing job by these guys!

I am super happy And will be referring them to all my friends and family!

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Upon completion of the job in Jamul, I wanted to take a moment to share our evaluation of the job. Adam, was the salesperson that represented the company. He was personable, professional and was able to explain the process and details of the job that was to be performed.

Donald, Jordan, and Orbin are a shining example of a competent and efficient crew. They completed the job and cleaned up the site and left it in better condition then when they had started. This crew should be the model that emulates the standard for the rest of you company! Thanks guys, it was a pleasure working with you.

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From start to finish, the guys performed as they said they would. Really great attitudes, even when working longer than expected to finish the job. Fair price, exceptional service.

We have a 1924 house, until recently, without any attic insulation. R38 insulation made an immediate, noticeable difference. And since the guys left, our heater has not turned on one time! Already saving money. Highly recommend this team.

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K. V.


I simply cannot say enough about how wonderful this company is. It all started with Chase who came out to do an inspection and give us a quote for rat removal. He called when he was on his way and arrived on time. Spent quite some time at our home. Crawling up in the attic, taking pictures and showing us exactly what was going on. He walked us through everything and had a quote to us within the hour. Had one more company come out and that estimator simply stuck his head in the attic, used the light on his phone and then 10 min later gave us a quote for almost double the price to do a lot less. Fast forward to day of cleaning and removal.The crew called when they were on their way. Chris and Anthony were the techs. They protected our floors and put up criticals (poly sheeting)for dust control. They were professional all while being courteous and respectful of my home. Took pictures and documented their work, showed us the pictures and asked us to visually inspect their work before they left to make sure we were satisfied. AND they even vacuumed up after themselves to make sure their was no trace of them ever being there except for a nice clean AND rat free attic. All this comes with a 2 year warranty too! I highly recommend this company. Great experience. Thank you so much.

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Called Attic Projects to get my Attic cleaned. These guy were so professional. From the estimate to getting the work done was amazing. AJ and Donald and crew were so nice and worked hard on getting our messy attic cleaned up. These guys are true professionals who you can tell love what they do. I would hear them say things like please and thank you to each other and I over heard them several times say it has to be done the right way. And I don’t think they New I was in the room.the price for attic cleaning can be pricey but I’m feel reassured that the work was done by professionals and was done right! I would hire this company again. Thank you Attic Projects!

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These guys are very polite, thorough professionals and very detail oriented! Stephan inspected our attic and walked us through their entire process from rodent proofing, air sealing, sanitizing to replacing insulation in brief. We wanted to get attic fixed ASAP so they helped us fix it the same week. And they also provided 2 year warranty for rodent proofing. They covered the entire way from our main door to attic through stairs in plastic sheets so our house is not filled with dust and dirt. It’s a huge amount down so we were a bit skeptical but both Adam who is the owner and Stephan ensured to answer our every query and made us feel comfortable. I even visited their office near Kearny Mesa. Overall the experience was very satisfying and my husband and I both are very happy that our attic looks very new and clean!!

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I looked up Attic Projects online and got an immediate response to my inquiry. i had another bid for my crawl space vapor barrier that was very high. Chase came out and to bid the job, he was very professional, honest and was 1/3 of the other bid. The crew came out for the install , A.J. Mark arrived on time and did a great job. The vapor barrier installation was finished in one day. So happy to have the job done right and cleaned up ! great job A.J and Mark.

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AJ and his team from Attic Projects did an absolute wonderful job! They were courteous and very informative about the job they were doing. It was a very clean job and they made sure the area they worked in was spotless when they were finished. The team went above and beyond to make sure the job was done efficiently and correctly.

We will definitely be recommending AJ and his crew to others!

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AJ and his crew showed up promptly. They spent time laying down the protective plastic and making sure they were neat and clean during their work. Very professional and courteous. Shaun

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Used Attic Projects and couldn’t be happier…professional…courteous…and through…J.White

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What a great experience I had with Attic Projects! Dave came out, inspected the attic and explained the scope of work very thoroughly and clearly: Remove old blow-in insulation, Inspect and repair HVAC ducting, Air seal attic, Rodent proof attic, install new batting & wall insulation and then make sure everything was cleaned up. I decided to go ahead and commit with Attic Projects the evening after the inspection. A few days later crew leader Armando and his crew came out and absolutely did a fantastic job. Armando was very dedicated to get all aspects of the job perfect, especially repairing my faulty ducting. Thank You for going above and beyond my expectations and I would highly recommend Attic Projects!

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Attic Projects came out to clean out our attic that had not been touched since it was built in 1957.

Adam was super friendly came out to look at the attic, took photos for us and explained everything step by step.

Josh, Sergio and Justino were the next crew in and did an unbelievable job vacuuming, sanitizing and rodent proofing the house. These guys were covered from head to toe in dust from 1957 and still did an amazing job keeping our home clean. Josh was on time, friendly and professional.

Since the attic was clean, this gave us a chance to have an electrician look at all the wiring. Finally, Armando and Martin came in to blow in our insulation, again taking great care to protect our walls and show me their progress. They were on time, speedy, efficient and profressional.

5 stars to the whole crew, thanks Attic Projects!




This company was great! Tim came out to give a quote for new insulation and was very friendly and professional. He took his time explaining the whole process and came in well lower than other companies’ quotes. On the day of install, AJ and his crew did a great job. They were clean, quick, and friendly. I was very impressed with the finished project and would recommend them to anyone looking to get work done in their crawl space!




These guys were very professional and customer focused at a good price. What more could you ask for? They sealed a bunch of heat loss openings throughout my attic and crawl space. They got insulation into tight spaces where the previous homeowner/builder never insulated. They secured the fallen insulation batts and the rest of the insulation in my crawl space. I can already tell that it made a huge difference in the way my house holds heat. I can tell by how often the furnace turns on. I can also feel that the previously cold rooms in my home stay at the same temperature as the rest of the house now, even after the furnace stops pushing heat. They protected the walls and stairwell and they cleaned up everything. While they were working, they repeatedly asked if I was happy and if there was anything else they could do. I wish all service companies worked like this!

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