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Radiant Barriers Require Specific Installation Techniques In Order To Be Properly Effective

Are you hoping to make your home more energy efficient? Do you feel like your cooling costs in the summer are way out of proportion to your home? 

A great way to increase the energy efficiency of your home is to install a radiant barrier. A radiant barrier is thin sheets of aluminum installed over your attic’s insulation. They are reflective and keep out the heat in the summer and maintain the warm air when it’s cold outside. Start reducing your energy bills today!

How Does A Radiant Barrier Work?

When the sun is pounding on your roof during the warmer months, it generates heat, making the roof very hot. This heat then travels through roofing materials and into the attic. When your attic is hot, it can then travel down into your home, making your cooling system work overtime.

By installing a radiant barrier in your attic, you can reduce radiant heat transfer from the roof to your attic by absorbing that heat. They lower heat transfer rates and keep the attic space cooler, lowering cooling costs by up to 17%.

The highly reflective material of a radiant barrier is usually made of aluminum foil, which can be applied to a number of different materials, including craft paper, plastic films, cardboard, strand board, and air infiltration barriers. 

You may also want to combine your radiant barrier with other types of insulation materials to further increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Radiant Barrier1
Radiant Barrier1

Radiant Barrier Installation Methods

There are two methods for installing radiant barriers – on top of the attic floor and on the underside of the roof.

Under The Roof

When you install a radiant barrier to the underside of the roof, you are allowing for proper ventilation, ensuring heat is reflected back up before reaching the floor of the attic. You should contact a professional to install a radiant barrier to the underside of the roof. This type of installation is more complicated.

Benefits Of Installing a Radiant Barrier

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Installing radiant barriers is a job best left to the professionals. Our technicians are licensed and bonded and can give you a free, no-obligation quote on radiant barrier installation. When you choose Attic Projects for your radiant barrier installation, we guarantee satisfaction at a reasonable price.

For a free quote or additional questions about a radiant barrier installation, contact Attic Projects today!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

The potential benefits of radiant barrier attic insulation for your California or Washington home depend on location, climate, and current insulation levels. Radiant barriers reflect ambient heat radiation to maintain a cooler attic and interior, providing advantages especially in warmer regions. To see if a radiant barrier suits your attic, Attic Projects can assess insulation needs, evaluate your climate, and determine which upgrades would optimally meet both energy efficiency and indoor comfort goals within your region of the state. Our customized evaluations help identify ideal attic insulation solutions.

Radiant barrier insulation improves energy efficiency. It deflects ambient heat radiation rather than absorbing it, enabling cooler attic temperatures that place less demand on air conditioning. By lowering heat flow into the attic, it can reduce electricity usage and costs during hot weather. Attic Projects offers competitively priced radiant barrier installation services to homeowners in California and Washington seeking an energy-efficient cooling solution. Our qualified teams can advise if a radiant barrier matches your climate and insulation needs while aligning with summer energy savings goals.

Radiant barrier attic installation involves multiple key phases. Attic Projects first examines your attic to assess optimal placement relative to existing insulation. Next, radiant barrier material is installed along attic rafters using a stapling method, placing it directly beneath the roof. Attaching the radiant barrier in this way allows the insulation to maximally reflect ambient heat away, producing a more energy-efficient ceiling with air conditioner benefits. Our process steps ensure proper radiant barrier positioning to harness heat transfer advantages.

A radiant barrier functions by deflecting infrared radiation that transports heat. The materials are situated in attics facing heat sources like sun-exposed roofs. Rather than trapping solar thermal radiation, radiant barriers redirect this energy stream outward. This reflection enables temperature regulation as less heat permeates into the attic space. Cooler attics then give off less heat downward into home interiors. Properly installed radiant barriers can thus improve thermal performance and energy efficiency for California and Washington residences. Attic Projects leverages sound technical expertise in radiant barrier principles and insulation best practices to help homeowners optimize attic heat flow.

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We doubt that you’ll need us again, but if you do — we got you covered.

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*Insulation materials qualify for our 20 Year Warranty

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All Services are Covered by Our


We doubt that you’ll need us again, but if you do — we got you covered.

*Insulation materials qualify for our 20 Year Warranty

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*Our in-house inspectors will provide you a detailed inspection report so we understand exactly what needs to be done, to take you where you want to be. Make sense?

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