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License #1035247

CALL NOW! San Diego: 858-246-7421 or Orange County/Los Angeles: 714-769-0228


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*Our in-house inspectors will provide you a detailed inspection report so we understand exactly what needs to be done, to take you where you want to be. Make sense?

    How Do I Know If My Air Ducts Need Servicing?

    You may not know if your air ducts are not functioning properly, but there are some indications you might have a problem, including: 

    • High utility bills
    • Foul odors
    • Mold near your HVAC system
    • Noises coming from your air ducts
    • Inconsistent airflow

    If you notice any of these issues, then you most likely need to have your air ducts inspected. You may also need an inspection if you have recently had a pest infestation in your attic to ensure there wasn’t any damage done to the ductwork.

    If you are experiencing any of the above, your air ducts might need cleaning or repair. An Attic Projects technician can come out to your home and inspect your air ducts. If they identify that your air ducts need cleaning, they can take care of that in a matter of hours. Cleaning will remove dirt, dust and other debris that has built up in the ductwork. This will optimize your ducts and have the air flowing efficiently again.

    Replacing and Repairing Damaged Air Ducts

    Some ductwork may need to be repaired or replaced. Ductwork can collapse over time and if that occurs it will need to be replaced. Our professionals are fully trained in repairing and replacing ductwork in your attic. Before any work is done, our Attic Projects professionals will talk with you about what is needed and how much it will cost. Replacing or repairing your air ducts will improve energy efficiency in your home and may also clear up any respiratory issues members of your home may experience. Although you don’t routinely see the air ducts, they greatly contribute to the overall health and well-being of your home.

    Some repairs that may be needed on your ductwork include patching holes, replacing crushed ducts, fixing water damage, and repairing ducts damaged by pests. Sometimes our professionals have found that the air ducts in your home were never functioning properly, to begin with. That can be due to shoddy work by the original installer or cheap materials. Either way, Attic Projects professionals can repair and replace your ductwork having it functioning at an optimal level that can result in lower utility bills.

    Maintaining Your Air Ducts 

    Prolongs the Life of Your HVAC

    When your air ducts are dirty, damaged, or improperly installed, it can mean your HVAC has to work harder to push air through your air ducts to be dispersed throughout your home. This can cause additional wear and tear on your HVAC. However, with proper maintenance, your HVAC will stay in optimal condition longer. 

    Lowers Utility Bills

    Well maintained air ducts are good for your utility bill. When your air ducts are properly maintained, your HVAC doesn’t have to work as hard, meaning it uses less energy to do its job. If you start noticing high utility bills, you may need to schedule an air duct inspection with Attic Projects. 

    Consistent Air Flow

    When your air ducts are damaged or installed improperly, it can be difficult to maintain a comfortable environment throughout your entire home. If you have areas of your home that are difficult to cool or heat, you may need to have your air ducts checked. 

    Call Us for Repairs or Replace Your Air Ducts

    If you suspect your air ducts may need to be repaired or replaced, call Attic Projects today for a free inspection. Our air duct specialists will inspect your air ducts for any damage or improper installation that may be affecting how well your ducts are functioning. Keeping your air ducts in top condition means a cleaner, more comfortable home.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    I have original duct work in my house, do I need to replace it?

    We would recommend getting an inspection, especially if you have noticed high utility bills or are having difficulty keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Our professionals will inspect your air ducts for free and depending on the conditions of your air ducts, we will suggest repairs or replacements. To schedule a free inspection, contact Attic Projects today.

    Can pests get into my air ducts?

    Yes, pests can get into your air ducts, their droppings and nesting can get into air ducts. This can cause unsanitary conditions in your air that is distributed into your home. Contact Attic Projects today if you have recently had a pest infestation or suspect a rodent infestation.

    Is my air duct really causing my utility bill to go up?

    Yes. Does every room in the house have a different temperature, whether you turn the air conditioner on or the heater? If so, your air ducts may not be working properly. If your air ducts are not working properly it can cause your HVAC system to work overtime. All this extra work means more energy is used, and your utility bill will increase. 

    Why is there uneven airflow in my home?

    Your air ducts may be leaking in one part of your home, causing uneven airflow. You may need a cleaning, servicing, or a replacement. Contact Attic Projects today if you have an overpriced utility bill or uneven airflow in your home.

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    *Insulation materials qualify for our 20 Year Warranty


    Do You Qualify for a Rebate?

    Damaged insulation from mold, moisture, or pests? Looking to lower heating and cooling bills, or just wanting to improve your home’s insulation R-value? Perhaps you recently built a new home. Whatever the reason, don’t pay full price for new insulation.

    Earn An Instant Insulation Rebate For Up To $600 Today!

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    Humane Rodent Removal and Proofing

    Rodents are a nightmare for any homeowner. They can lower the value of your home by causing serious damage, foul odors, and extensively unsanitary conditions. They also pose a significant health risk to you and your family by spreading disease and causing illness. The last thing you want is to waste your time removing rodents, only to have them move right back in. At Attic Projects, we not only humanely remove the rodents and pests from your home, but we also rodent-proof your home so they can’t come back. In order to keep the pests and rodents out permanently, you have to close up every entry point that they may squeeze into. Call Attic Projects today to get your free estimate.



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