Electrical Wire Inspection

Are Your Electrical Wires Out-dated? Damaged?

When was the last time you had your electrical wires inspected?

Fire concerns are at the forefront of every homeowner’s mind, especially if you own an older home. Faulty wiring can cause electrical fires and is an issue that you should be aware of and address immediately. Wires that are exposed, damaged, outdated, or were poorly installed wiring cause electrical fires that cause billions of dollars in property damage and hundreds of deaths per year. Don’t allow your home to be just another statistic.

Our Attic Projects experts will conduct an electrical wiring inspection that includes an extensive examination of your entire electrical system. We want to make sure your system meetings the legal safety standards. Contact Attic Projects today if you have any concerns about your electrical wires.

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You should have your electrical wires inspected during any of the following circumstances:

Consequences of Bad Wiring

Power surges, fire, or shocks that can be fatal, and faulty power arcs can be caused by bad wiring. Electrical fires rarely exude smells, which is why they are so deadly. They get worse before anyone notices them. And since no smoke is produced, smoke alarms rarely detect them. It could take up to one year for bad wires to ignite, but once an electrical fire begins, it can be hard to put out.


Thousands of homes catch fire each year due to electrical malfunctions. In order to keep your home protected, you should have your electrical wires inspected at least once every 30 years. If you have outdated or faulty electrical wires, your home can’t handle any increase in a power load, making them heat up quickly. The heat creates a huge fire threat that will put everyone in your home at risk. If you are worried about your electrical wiring, keep an eye out for these signs:

If you believe that your electrical wiring is outdated, you should contact us immediately. We will send a qualified electrician to perform a comprehensive inspection to remove and replace all damaged wires before they spark and start a serious fire.

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What to Expect During an Electrical Wire Inspection

Our professionals will inspect:

  • Smoke alarm testing
  • Verification of proper smoke alarm placement
  • Carbon monoxide detector testing
  • An assessment of the exterior electrical systems
  • A safety and security lighting assessment
  • A check to confirm that your home is using proper light bulb wattage
  • A search for any source of potential shock or electrocution 
  • Assessment of proper grounding systems
  • Verification that surge protection is being used appropriately
  • Confirmation that the electrical panel contains the right labels and amps and is functioning properly
  • Verification that the arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) are working as they should
  • A check that all switch and wall outlets are operating and in good condition


A FREE electrical wire inspection can only benefit you and your home. Some of those benefits include ensuring safe operations of the electrical components in your home, identifying any electrical mistakes, outdated, or degraded wiring, saving energy and reducing costs, and lowering your risk of having an electrical fire.

Contact Attic Projects today for a comprehensive inspection!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

When it comes to anything electrical in your attic, you should not complete the inspection without professional help. Damaged or broken wires can be extremely dangerous and can even result in death. If you want a free professional inspection, call Attic Projects today.

Bad wiring can cause electrical fires, shocks, power surges, and damaged power arcs. All of these consequences can be deadly if the damage is bad enough. Call Attic Projects today to get a free inspection of your electrical wiring.

If you suspect that your electrical wiring is worn out, or damaged, you should call a licensed professional right away to inspect and fix the issue. A professional can come out and fix the issue before more problems arise.

Yes! Rodents can chew through your wiring and the walls of your home. A main cause of wiring going bad is rodent infestations. If you have had a rodent infestation but are still experiencing electrical problems, contact Attic Projects today for a free inspection.

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Humane Rodent Removal and Proofing

Rodents are a nightmare for any homeowner. They can lower the value of your home by causing serious damage, foul odors, and extensively unsanitary conditions. They also pose a significant health risk to you and your family by spreading disease and causing illness. The last thing you want is to waste your time removing rodents, only to have them move right back in. At Attic Projects, we not only humanely remove the rodents and pests from your home, but we also rodent-proof your home so they can’t come back. In order to keep the pests and rodents out permanently, you have to close up every entry point that they may squeeze into. Call Attic Projects today to get your free estimate.

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Fill out the form or call us at

Orange County: (714) 503-8636   San Diego (858) 246-7421

*Our in-house inspectors will provide you a detailed inspection report so we understand exactly what needs to be done, to take you where you want to be. Make sense?

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