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Are you thinking about buying a new home? It’s a big investment, one you should know from top to bottom.

Attics and crawl spaces are often overlooked, but attic and crawl space home inspections are where some of the most important information about your new home will be found!

Attic home inspectors play a critical role in making sure your new property meets safety and efficiency requirements. Our inspectors know what needs to be done to address any issues that might come up.

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*Our in-house inspectors will provide you a detailed inspection report so we understand exactly what needs to be done, to take you where you want to be. Make sense?

Not Just A Regular Inspection

While general home inspectors are good at finding the typical problems in a home, they often overlook the spaces hiding some expensive or even dangerous issues. Our attic and crawl space inspectors are expertly trained and experienced in exploring the hidden corners of your new home to see what problems may lurk within.

What We Look For In Your New Home

So, what does an attic or crawl space home inspector look for? Four main items.

First, we gauge how air is moving through the home. Our attic specialists inspect ductwork integrity, looking for any leaks, poor installation, or general wear and tear. An inspection could reveal if the HVAC system is not functioning properly, causing poor air circulation indoors and high utility bills. We can also spot the signs of a quick-fix and recommend a solution before you buy the home and spend thousands in repairs. Our specialists will also check out the crawl space. A dirty crawl space could impact the functioning of the HVAC system and the structural integrity of the home if not cleaned regularly.

Second, it’s essential to check for proper insulation. You’ll hear things like “R-Value” of the insulation in your new home. Our inspectors will translate that for you, explain whether or not the insulation meets expectations for your climate, and determine if everything is up to code. Codes change over the years, and so should your insulation. Our attic and crawl space home inspectors will tell you what you need to know and make sure your new home is properly insulated. If there has been a fire, our inspectors will be able to find the evidence. Water damage? Dirty or unsanitary insulation? Our attic and crawl space inspectors will know!

Next, our attic and crawl space home inspectors look for evidence of wildlife damage. If critters have been hiding in these appealing closed-off spaces, there will be tell-tale evidence of their unwanted occupation. If a rodent has gnawed through the insulation, wiring, around pipes, or through the insulation of your electrical wires, you’ll need to know and seek remediation!

Finally, we inspect the often-ignored areas of the home. Sure, at a glance, the attic might look fine. But a more in-depth attic inspection may reveal hidden issues. We inspect radiant barriers on the underside of the roof and on top of the floor insulation. Is there mold and moisture coming from the ceiling? This moisture could lead to damage and deterioration to the roof. Are there damaged floorboards in the attic? Evidence of water, pests, or fire damage? These hidden areas have a tale to tell; the new homeowner would be wise to listen!

Get A Pre-Inspection Of Your Home’s Attic And Crawl Spaces

A new home is the most expensive purchase you’ll likely ever make and the most significant investment you’ll maintain. As a homebuyer, you should know what it takes to get your attic and crawl spaces up to code.

Our attic and crawl space inspectors will give you peace of mind, knowing your investment is solid for years to come. Learn more about Attic Projects, get a custom estimate, or call us for free advice today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

General home inspectors are great at finding typical issues that can occur within a home. However, what they are not so skilled at is finding problems that are hidden in your crawl space and attic.

 Our expert inspectors are well trained and experienced with identifying potential problems within the hidden corners of your new home before they create much bigger and more expensive issues.

Our attic inspection specialist thoroughly inspects your HVAC system. During the inspection, we check the integrity of the ductwork, ensure there are no leaks, survey the quality of your insulation, cleanliness, and check for general signs of wear and tear. These factors could negatively impact the air quality within your home as well as raise your utility bills.

Proper insulation is essential in any home. Our attic and crawl space professionals check that your insulation has the appropriate “R-Value” to ensure that it meets current standards. Furthermore, checking the insulation in older homes is necessary to know if there has been a fire in the past, water damage, or if the insulation is dirty or unsanitary and needs to be removed and replaced.

You may be wondering just what you need to look for when inspecting an attic or crawl space. The three major things we check for is airflow, evidence of wildlife or wildlife damage, and the condition of the insulation. We will also inspect your radiant barriers, check for mold and mildew, look for evidence of water or fire damage, and look for excess moisture.

No one wants rodents or other types of pests making their attic or crawl space home. If there are signs of mice, rats, raccoons, bats, or any other type of wildlife, our professionals will uncover it and understand what steps should be taken to remedy the infestation and ensure that it does not happen in the future.

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*Our in-house inspectors will provide you a detailed inspection report so we understand exactly what needs to be done, to take you where you want to be. Make sense?

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