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Every homeowner should take steps to prevent mold growth. This is a bigger concern for property owners who have already needed mold removal services at least once. A history of mold growth suggests that your property is more susceptible to this problem.

Removing the factors necessary for mold growth will help prevent future outbreaks.

Keep an Eye on Problem Areas After Mold Removal

Once you have hired a mold removal service, you’ll know which areas need extra attention. This involves watching the parts of your home where you have previously discovered mold. Keep a dry and cool temperature in these areas to discourage mold growth.

You should also monitor common areas where mold growth is more likely. Even if you haven’t spotted mold in those parts of your home, keep an eye on your basement, attic, kitchen, and bathrooms. Keep humidity low in these areas, and make sure surfaces stay dry.

Promptly Repair Leaks

Water leaks can come from various sources, so it’s important to trace the source of any water you find in your home. Some leaks might come from outside, so keep up with roof maintenance. A clogged condensate drain line in your HVAC unit can also lead to a water leak.

Clogs, leaks, or burst pipes in your plumbing system can lead to extensive water damage and future mold growth. Fix faucet leaks and drain blockages promptly. You may have a hidden plumbing or sewer line problem if you notice increased water usage.

These repairs require the expertise of a plumber. Remove any standing water left behind by a plumbing problem and dry the area thoroughly.

Invest in Mold-Resistant Materials

In addition to humidity and moisture, mold needs organic materials for nourishment. That’s why it’s more common to find mold growing on wood, drywall, and other porous materials. Without this source of nourishment, mold won’t be able to spread and damage your home.

When remodeling or replacing drywall after mold remediation, use materials that won’t promote mold growth. Look for mold-resistant drywall. Instead of covering the gypsum center with paper, drywall manufacturers sandwich the material between fiberglass panels, creating a surface that’s less susceptible to mold growth.

Improve Indoor Air Ventilation

Several activities produce unintended moisture in your home. If you keep your home sealed, stagnant air will inhibit the drying process and create the perfect conditions for mold growth. These activities include cooking, showering/bathing, washing dishes, or laundry.

Boost ventilation in your home to reduce the need for mold removal. Use exhaust fans in your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry areas. Place an air purifier near an open window to maintain good indoor air quality. Turn on a fan to improve air circulation if the air feels stale or dry.

Keep Up With Gutter Maintenance

Most people don’t think about their gutters when preventing mold growth, but poor gutter maintenance does increase these risks. Gutters clogged with debris or won’t properly function. Rainwater will spill over the edge of the gutter and splash your house.

As water accumulates around the outside of your home, it can damage your roof, siding, and foundation, leading to potential mold growth in multiple areas. Regular gutter cleaning and inspections can easily prevent this problem. Good gutters direct more rainwater away from your house.

Control Indoor Humidity

Generally, you should keep your indoor humidity between 30% and 50%. If the humidity in your home rises to 60%, take immediate action to bring that level down. A dehumidifier will help you maintain better control over the humidity level in your home.

Certain areas in your home require more consistent monitoring when addressing humidity. A hygrometer will help you measure the moisture in your basement, crawl space, attic, and other problem areas. If you haven’t installed a whole-house dehumidifier, you may need a separate portable dehumidifier for these areas.

Prevent Mold Removal With Regular Roof Inspections

In addition to gutter maintenance, roof care is another exterior concern preventing mold growth. A roof leak of any size can allow enough water into your attic to cause significant damage. If a leak goes unnoticed for long, water accumulation can lead to mold growth in your roofing materials and rafters.

Schedule at least one roof inspection every year. It’s also important to schedule an inspection after a period of heavy rainfall or a severe storm. Even high winds can be sufficient to damage your roof. Get roof repairs when you discover a problem to minimize the damage to your home. Prompt repairs make mold growth less likely.

Learn About Potted Plants That Aid in Mold Prevention

Eco-friendly homeowners will be delighted to discover that nature can help them prevent the need for mold removal. Certain plants can prevent and treat mold growth in indoor living spaces.

Additionally, many of these plants are easy to grow, requiring little care. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you might find success growing a few of these plants.

Peace Lily

This plant absorbs any mold spores present in the home. It will also absorb moisture, working as a natural dehumidifier. As an added bonus, it purifies the air.

Snake Plant

This plant’s long, green leaves are highly effective when it comes to absorbing moisture. You’ll rarely need to water this plant if you place it in your bathroom or another humid part of your home.

Spider Plant

The leaves of a spider plant serve as efficient and natural air purifiers. In addition to removing mold spores, the leaves will remove other pollutants from your indoor air.

Trust the Mold Removal Experts

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