Fire Damage Restoration

Fires are often devastating to houses and businesses. If you’ve been a fire victim, it’s time to consider taking back control of your space. Unfortunately, your home is often left in poor condition post-fire, even after the flames are gone. Fire damage restoration services help mitigate some of these damages to restore your home to its initial condition.

Instead of searching for fire damage restoration services near me, trust the experienced professionals at Attic Projects & Crawlspace Experts. Our dedicated fire damage restoration company ensures repair after such an overwhelming event.

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What Is Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire Damage Restoration Service is a method best completed by professionals to restore your home to its condition before the fire. The fire damage restoration process includes property safety checks, assessments, debris removal, necessary demolition, and eventual restoration. These essential steps make up the entire procedure for the best results.

What Is Fire Damage Restoration?

After a house fire, there are specific procedures you should follow. However, while there are some things you should do, there are also some things you should avoid. Below is a comprehensive list of post-fire fire damage restoration tips of dos and don’ts.


  • Listen to the advice of the firefighters.
  • Call fire damage restoration contractors to schedule your fire damage restoration process.
  • Take pictures (when safe) of any damages for insurance claims.
  • Let fire servicers open windows and doors.
  • Throw away food, drink, and other items for consumption.


  • Turn on any appliances, including stoves, washing machines, microwaves, electronics, etc.
  • Use any outlets or forms of electricity, including your lights.
  • Enter without the go-ahead from fire professionals.
  • Try to clean up any debris, soot, or smoke.
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Our Fire Damage Restoration Process

The fire damage restoration process is thorough to ensure your safety and the optimal home restoration. Our residential and commercial fire damage restoration company protects your home and business.


First, after fire professionals confirm your space is safe, our team performs an assessment. This assessment includes criteria like how much smoke and soot there is, the extent of the structural damage, and any water damage. The goal of the evaluation is to have an estimate for our customers so you know not only the restoration costs but also the time frame to get your house or business back to previous conditions.

Securing the Property

Once the team completes your assessment, we secure the property. Generally, securing the property includes keeping your home or business closed off from outside elements. This way, your home is protected from inclement weather and further damage until the professionals at Attic Projects & Crawlspace Experts begin the debris removal process. We secure the property by putting boards, fences, and tarps covering open areas of the roof and space.

Debris Removal

Unfortunately, some items in your residence may have irreversible damage. If there are any items or belongings in this condition, our team removes them in this step. Next, we remove any dangerous debris inside and outside the home so the process may continue.

In addition to the removal of debris, our team must remove smoke from your home. Complete remediation of smoke damage is harmful to one’s health. For these reasons, please leave it to the professionals.

Demolition, Water Mitigation

During this step, we demo any structural areas inside the home that require removal, like fire-damaged floors, walls, and windows. At this point, we also work to remove any excess water lingering in the space because it prevents mold growth. After the water removal is complete, a fire restoration contractor ensures the home is dry, clean of smoke damage and debris, and ready for the final part of the fire restoration process.

Construction & Restoration

Finally, the construction phase begins. In this last step, we work tirelessly to return your residence or business to its pre-fire conditions. During construction and restoration, you may expect to see the replacement of various items in the home, like the roof, electrical components, floors, fixtures, and appliances.

Fire Damage Restoration Costs

The average fire damage restoration costs range from $3,000 to $26,000. The price is a broad range for various reasons. Some of the factors that may affect the cost of your fire damage restoration include:

  • The extent of the fire.
  • The magnitude of smoke and structural damages.
  • Costs for loss of furniture and various household items (including appliances).
  • Damages to clothing, carpets, and floors.
  • Level of cleaning needed.
  • Construction costs for materials.

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At Attic Projects Attic & Crawlspace Experts, we understand it’s hard to stay patient when you want your home back. However, we ensure quality and thorough fire restoration services that recover your home or business with the detail you deserve so that you can rest easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Fire Damage Restoration

Restoring a house after a fire is a job best completed by professionals due to its intricacies. We fix homes by assessing the damages, securing your property,  removing debris and smoke, mitigating water, and constructing it back to its original condition.

The fire restoration process typically takes a few weeks to months, all based on the magnitude of fire damage to your space. After your assessment, you’ll know how long your home’s fire restoration process will take.

After your home is deemed safe by fire service professionals, you should contact your insurance company to file an insurance claim. After this step, it’s critical to hire an expert fire restoration team to determine the scope of your damages.

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