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building knee walls in attic

What to Use for Attic Flooring

Attics are a part of the house with great potential for added space that homeowners often forget about. If you need room for extra storage or have thought about adding another bedroom, game room, etc. to your house, your attic is a great place to start. Due to the nature of an attic’s function, remodeling […]

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How A Dirty Attic Could Be Making Your Family Sick

Cleaning out your attic is probably not your idea of a fun weekend. However, neglecting this small space can cause unimaginable health issues to your family members. Few people give any thought to their attic until there is a major pest infestation that requires the attention of professional exterminators and removers. Apart from having a […]

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5 Signs That Your Attic Needs A Cleanup

Nobody enjoys cleaning the attic. In fact, most people would rather forget that it’s there completely. Unfortunately, though it is hidden, the attic is still connected to the living space and everything that happens up there affects the rest of the house. If you are waiting for something to give you that much needed nudge […]

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