Top 5 Reasons To Have The Attic Inspected First Before Buying That House

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You have found your dream house, it is beautiful and the offer has been accepted. However, before you move to the next step and place a down payment, it is recommended that you first hire a home inspector. This is because, rarely will your realtor disclose any issues in the house and sometimes they are not even aware of the problems. Ensure the inspector looks at the attic to determine its condition. This is a really critical part of the house and it has a direct impact on the comfort and integrity of the home.

Here are the top reasons why you must have the attic inspected before paying for that house:

Find out if there is an animal infestation

If the house has been unoccupied even for a little while, it is likely that some rodents, raccoons and bats have found a home in its attic. While the animals themselves may not be dangerous, their urine, feces and teeth can cause havoc to the wood slats in the attic and also the insulation. The last thing you want is to enter a home that has been taken over by animals.

Spot moisture and mold

Spotting signs of leaks, moisture and mold is not possible when you are standing in the living space. Fortunately, the inspector can use a special gadget when they go into the attic to identify if there are signs of mold. Water leaks and moisture can damage the walls as well as the foundation and if it develops into mold, you will experience health issues.

Top 5 Reasons To Have The Attic Inspected First Before Buying That House OP

Check if the house is well insulated

If you have lived in a hot place where you have to run your air conditioner all day and night, you know how fast the energy bills can accumulate. Luckily, there is a way to curb that by insulating your house especially the attic where heat and cold will pass through to get to the living space. An attic inspection will tell if there is enough insulation or if there is too much of it which is also a bad thing. The inspector will also spot damaged insulation that needs to be removed.

Spot defects in structural members

A simple look at the roof may not tell you if everything is okay underneath. Only an attic inspection can be able to expose broken rafters and trusses as well as water damage and stress cracks that could cause someone to fall.

Signs of fire damage

There are many things that realtors try to hide about an old house and one of them is a previous fire. While the rest of the house might have been refurbished and repainted, it is hard to hide evidence of fire in the attic such as black, scorched or sooty wood.

Buying a house is pretty expensive venture so you must not jump into it blindly. Find a reputable home inspector to check through your house, especially the attic, for any issues and also recommend solutions.

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