Not Cool Enough This Summer? Your Insulation Could Be The Problem

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During summer, the last thing you need to worry about is a hot house. Nothing is as uncomfortable as tossing and turning on sweaty nights without any relief no matter how much you keep turning the heat down. If you are having such hot summer days in your house, do not replace your air conditioning unit just yet, your attic insulation could be the problem. There are some other issues brought about by having an insulation problem some of which are;

Fluctuating or inconsistent indoor temperatures

If the temperatures in your home are constantly changing, it means that the insulation in your attic has shifted or needs replacement. Insulation should keep hot air out and cold air in during summer and vice versa during winter. If this is inconsistent, then you definitely need to call an insulation specialist to check this out.

Increased energy bills

If your house is too hot during summer, your AC may overwork itself to bring the temperatures down. This will bring about increased energy bills. Once you notice that the AC is working well but your energy bills are going through the roof, it is time to have your insulation inspected.

Indoor drafts

If you can still feel a draft with the windows closed, as well as all the doors closed, then your insulation has shifted or needs replacement. Insulation is supposed to keep outside elements out of the house when it is functioning optimally. Have an expert look in your attic and crawl space for any gaps in your insulation that needs filling.

Evidence of pests

If you suddenly realize that there are pests in your house such as rats, mice, snakes or even bats, chances are that the quality of your insulation has definitely been compromised. Rats and mice like to live in the attic and crawl spaces, which means that they have been nibbling at your insulation, leaving feces and urine which wrecks havoc on the insulation. Consider having an expert come in to carry a thorough inspection and ideally thorough fumigation, to get rid of these animals and their offspring. Furthermore, once you find these creatures crawling around, your insulation will need some work.

Wet patches on the ceiling and walls

When wetness creeps in through the ceilings and walls, it must mean that your insulation is a soggy mess, which is not a good thing. Soggy insulation cannot perform its function of cooling and heating a house at all because the air pockets within it are soaked. Furthermore, soggy insulation points to a potential defect in the structure of the house.

In general, too hot a house during summer points to insulation problems. Moreover, the other tell-tale signs listed above should point you to getting insulation experts to do a thorough inspection of your home. We offer insulation services such as insulation inspection and replacement, fumigation to get rid of pests as well as safe removal of contaminated insulation. Contact us today if you need any of these services within Orange County.

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