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Unfinished Attic in Seattle

Seattle Attics: The Insulation Challenge (and How to Conquer It!)

Seattle’s Wet Climate Complicates Attic Insulation Seattle’s climate, characterized by long stints of rampant rainfall and lingering marine air, creates unique attic and crawl space insulation considerations. The city’s signature cool, damp air can accelerate the breakdown of traditional insulation materials and dramatically affect the R-value, a measure of thermal resistance. Maintaining an adequate R-value […]

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installing attic ventilation

What Is Air Sealing an Attic?

An efficient home can save you from high utility bills and create a more comfortable environment. In addition to using insulation, attic air sealing is a process to seal every possible opening or gap in your home’s attic. Opting for attic sealing services may provide your home with numerous benefits. However, to get the best […]

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attic insulation cost calculator

What Is an Attic Insulation Calculator?

An energy-efficient home doesn’t just reduce your energy bills: It can increase your comfort levels during the summer and winter months. One of the best ways to make your home energy-efficient is to install attic insulation or beef up your existing insulation. The cost of attic insulation will vary from one property to the other. […]

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