different types of attic insulation

Attic Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

Are you considering renovating your attic? The extra square footage holds so many possibilities. You could build a cozy loft to hide in or rent it out for some extra income. While the possibilities entice you, remember there are several attic renovation mistakes to avoid. If you make certain attic renovation mistakes, you don’t just […]

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The Best Attic Remodeling Ideas

Do you see your attic as the storage space for old family pictures, moldy books, Christmas decorations, and furniture pieces? You’re missing out on a chance to increase the usable space in your home! An attic remodel will unlock precious square footage and improve your home’s functionality. There are so many attic remodeling ideas you […]

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Ozone Smoke Treatment for Fire Damage Remediation

Few things are more destructive than house fires. They obliterate everything in their path and leave unwanted smoke odors behind that linger for months on end. However, Attic Projects’ remediation experts can eliminate smoke odors with a sophisticated ozone treatment for fire damage remediation. Attic Projects is one of California’s leading fire damage remediation companies. […]

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