Ozone Smoke Treatment for Fire Damage Remediation

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Few things are more destructive than house fires. They obliterate everything in their path and leave unwanted smoke odors behind that linger for months on end. However, Attic Projects’ remediation experts can eliminate smoke odors with a sophisticated ozone treatment for fire damage remediation.

Attic Projects is one of California’s leading fire damage remediation companies. Our team can help you recover from devastating house fires by removing harmful debris and airborne pollutants after the disaster occurs. Read on to learn more about our ozone treatment for house smoke and how it eliminates unpleasant odors.

Ozone Smoke Removal

When and Where Fire Remediation Is Needed

Most people seek ozone smoke removal after a house or business fire, which often leaves a foul-smelling odor behind that contaminates everything around it. It’s exceedingly difficult to remove and usually requires professional treatments to eliminate completely.

One of the industry’s leading smoke removal treatments is ozone. Ozone, also called trioxygen, is a powerful odor-neutralizing gas commonly used after house fires, floods, and other catastrophes. It’s an affordable and efficient way to eliminate foul-smelling odors in just a few hours.

At Attic Projects, we use an ozone generator for the smoke smell to remove odors from properties after a fire occurs. It’s one of the best odor removal treatments available and can eradicate harmful odors faster than other oxidants.

Unlike store-bought cleaners and detergents, ozone penetrates deep into fabric and fibers to remove unwanted odors quickly and effectively. Ozone treatment for a house costs less than other professional odor remedies and can help you reclaim your home from soot and smoke smells.

Ozone Treatment for Fire Remediation

At Attic Projects, we use an efficient ozone treatment process for house smoke to ensure optimal results.

Before using ozone for smoke smell eradication, we ask everyone to vacate the premises so we can evaluate the area. Once everyone evacuates, we find the most contaminated area and set up our ozone machine for smoke removal close by.

After that, we turn on the machine and set a timer. Treatment times typically vary depending on the severity and the odor’s potency. Minor projects only take a few hours to complete, while severe contamination can take up to 48 hours.

Once ozone fills the air, it safely penetrates all surfaces, fabrics, and fibers it contacts and removes smoke odors at their source. We then remove the ozone generator and our supplies to complete the process, giving you a fresh-smelling home to enjoy for years.

Our ozone treatment for fire damage remediation provides superior results and can keep you and your family safe from hazardous airborne pathogens. Our process is as safe as it is effective, improving your home’s indoor air quality swiftly in your time of need.

Benefits of Ozone Treatment

Odor elimination is just one benefit ozone treatments provide. Ozone carries several benefits ranging from affordability to pathogen removal. Below are some of the top benefits of using an ozone generator to remove smoke smells.

Improved Air Quality

It’s no secret that soot, dust, and debris can deplete your home’s indoor air quality, especially after a substantial fire. Ozone treatments eliminate harmful airborne pathogens within your home, giving you fresh, clean air in a few hours or less. In fact, ozone is one of the strongest and fastest-acting oxidants on the market today, improving your indoor air quality after a fire or flood in record time.

Safe to Use

Many homeowners believe ozone isn’t safe and can cause more harm than good. However, ozone decomposes into oxygen and doesn’t affect a property’s pH levels, making it a safe odor treatment.

It’s important to note that homeowners shouldn’t perform ozone treatments themselves unless they have extensive industry experience. The process requires specific steps and protective clothing that most homeowners don’t have or understand. Always leave ozone treatments to professional remediation companies to ensure safe and effective results.

Fast Acting

Many homeowners turn to ozone to remove smoke smells quickly. It’s one of the fastest-acting odor eliminators available and can dispose of odors in a fraction of the time of other remedies. Most treatments take two to three hours to complete, eradicating off-putting fragrances swiftly without sacrificing quality.


Many people wonder how much ozone treatment for a house costs.

Although ozone is one of the best odor-eliminating treatments in the industry, it doesn’t demand exceedingly high prices. Ozone is relatively affordable and can help you remove unwanted odors without requiring a small fortune. The Attic Projects team will evaluate your situation and work with you to find an effective treatment without surpassing your financial means.

Misconceptions About Ozone Treatment

Several misconceptions surrounding ozone treatments make some homeowners hesitant about the process. However, most of these notions are complete fallacies or exaggerated. Below are some of the most common misconceptions regarding ozone.

Ozone Oxidizes Metal Pipes

Many residents believe ozone treatments oxidize metal pipes, causing them to rust over time. Although ozone can oxidize piping systems, it doesn’t create rust as quickly as most homeowners believe. Well-built iron pipes can carry ozone extensively without showing rust signs.

However, it’s best to avoid putting ozone into pipes for extended periods to prevent adverse effects.

Ozone Is Not Residual

Despite popular belief, ozone is residual. Ozone typically creates a slight residue as it goes into effect. However, the residue dissipates quickly and doesn’t stick to surfaces long.  –

Dry applied ozone residue evaporates around ten to 15 minutes after application. However, if someone puts ozone in clean water, the residue can last several hours. It’s best to talk to your remediation company to learn more about ozone’s residual effects.

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