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It is very easy for homeowners to forget or otherwise ignore their attic. After all, you’ll only think about it when you need to pull down some holiday decorations from storage. Plus, most of us have an image of it as a dark, creepy space that is better left alone. Except for the storage, most of us never need to climb the rickety ladder needed for access.

However, the attic is an important space to maintain. Attic insulation is a critical system in your house, working to keep your energy cost low and prevent significant damage to your property down the road. While most of us would prefer to ignore it, having an attic services company perform regular maintenance on your attic is something you should definitely consider. 

What are some things I should consider with attic services?

There are four main elements to a good attic services project that you should consider to keep your attic clean, usable, and performing its proper role in protecting your house.

First and most important is attic insulation. Your attic insulation works to keep your HVAC systems from working too hard. It keeps the cool air in and the hot air out in the summer and prevents the chill from seeping into your home in the winter. It’s easy to forget about attic insulation once installed, but it is important to perform regular inspections to make sure that it isn’t damaged by moisture or pests. Common signs of trouble include cold drafts, high energy bills, and ice dams on the roof.

Also important is cleaning out your vents. Attics are designed to allow air to move in certain ways so that moisture is unable to collect and cause trouble. It’s easy to block the vents with storage items or for outside debris to cover and clog them. It’s worth making sure that the vents are clear and that your attic is receiving proper ventilation, and a quick clean to remove built-up dust is also recommended.

Ventilation works best when it follows the original airflow design. Cracks can throw a wrench in the plan by creating different patterns. Cracks are also an excellent way for unwanted pests to gain access to your attic, and for rainwater to seep in, potentially causing significant damage. One useful trick to checking for cracks is to go up during the day and turn off the lights in the attic. You should be able to see daylight streaming in and can immediately pinpoint any trouble areas. Depending on the cracks’ size, they should be sealed up with a silicone sealant and adequately patched up.

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that no unwanted critters are making your attic their home! If you find evidence of pests, make sure that they are professionally removed and that their entry points are thoroughly sealed off. 

How can I keep my attic in optimal condition?

That’s the easy part! Contact an attic services professional. We’ll come out, perform a thorough inspection, and create an attic services maintenance plan that addresses all of the above, with particular attention paid to attic insulation, cracks, pests, and maintaining proper airflow. We’ll also establish an attic cleaning routine that will keep your attic working perfectly for as long as you own your home.

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