Maximizing Storage Solutions in Attic Remodeling

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Turning a once drab and forgotten attic into a fully functional space is an exciting prospect for any homeowner, as the space’s potential is virtually limitless. From a quiet haven to do yoga in while the light pours in through the skylights to a private meeting area removed from the din of the rest of your house or even an extra room for your friends and family to stay during a visit, a remodeled attic is truly a do-anything addition to a home.

Be that as it may, without some guidance, it’s easy for the space to revert back to its old ways, becoming a dumping ground for whatever needs to be out of the way. That’s not necessarily bad, provided everything has its place up there, but you don’t want your efforts to go to waste.

Truthfully, maximizing the potential of your attic remodeling can be challenging without setting yourself up for success, but one of the easiest ways to do that is with custom storage solutions.

With that being said, here’s what implementing smart storage into your remodeling process could look like:

Be Realistic About Your Attic Space

It may be lovely to think about transforming your attic into a library, but you must ask yourself how well it will serve your needs. If you’re struggling with storage, your attic remodeling might be more about assessing storage possibilities first and carving out new, usable spaces second.

Take stock of everything you can, including the attic’s dimensions, what stays and what goes, and any obstacles preventing you from creating a more structured storage space. Being aware of these factors ahead of time will help solidify your plans before the remodel is underway.

Discuss Your Needs With an Attic Contractor

Even if you’re drawing a blank in terms of brainstorming how to best use your attic space, that doesn’t mean there aren’t solutions. In fact, now is the perfect time to bring in a professional.

An attic remodeling expert can assess the space to tell you what’s possible while providing suggestions and solutions for potential pitfalls. They will be one of your greatest resources during the attic remodeling process, so don’t hesitate to pick their brain and ask questions before you begin.

Have a Strong Base

Naturally, some homes’ attics will be in better shape than others, but if you plan to use the space for storage, you’ll want to ensure it can handle it. That means a flimsy, old floor that has stayed dormant for so many years probably won’t cut it. You should have a sturdy floor ready to support everything you keep up there, especially if you’re planning a finished or hybrid attic, so it’s worth spending the time and resources to get it down.


Extreme temperatures can quickly damage your belongings, so proper insulation is not something you should ignore. It is also one of the best investments you can make if you’re already in the process of planning your attic remodeling; it can save you a lot on energy expenses and give you flexibility with the space should you ever decide to turn it into something new.

Still, if you never plan to use the space for anything but storage, you might want to change your insulation plan. It’s almost always better to insulate your attic’s ceiling over the floor if storage is its sole purpose, as doing so offers many advantages, including lowering heating and cooling costs. Either way, your insulation needs won’t be as extensive as someone who wants a finished attic, so speak with your contractor and ask them for recommendations if you aren’t sure how to proceed.

Labeling and Organization

As your attic remodeling contractors work on laying down sturdy flooring or insulation material, you can take the time to start establishing a new, comprehensive organization system. Some professional recommendations include the following:

  • Using clear plastic containers to better see your belongings
  • Sectioning off certain areas to make it easier to access the things you use often
  • Making a plan for continuous decluttering and maintenance
  • Setting up a labeling system to streamline your organization
  • Vacuum-sealing items like clothing to save space

These are just the beginning: Let your imagination run wild and see what clever organization optimizations you can make! You can also get help from professionals who focus specifically on (attic) storage solutions. They’ll often have dedicated services that help you make the most of your attic and cater to your needs.

Know What You Can’t Store

Unless you’re completing a total attic overhaul with the intent of the space being fully finished and livable, there are some items you shouldn’t keep in your attic, even with new insulation in place. Knowing what you shouldn’t keep in your attic makes more room for what you should, so find a new home for these belongings that will keep them safe.

For instance, temperature-sensitive items like artwork or electronics don’t hold up well in most attics. Additionally, avoid storing valuables or important documents in your attic.

Improve Visibility

Attics aren’t known for having the best lighting, so if you want to maximize your storage, invest in some adequate lighting during your remodel, as it will make it much easier to find what you need at any time of day.

You can also opt for windows or skylights to allow some natural light in, but do keep in mind that too much exposure may affect particular objects, so you’ll want to adjust your storage plan to keep anything sensitive away from the sun’s rays or stick with electric lighting.

Optimize Your Attic Remodeling With Storage Solutions

There’s so much space to take advantage of within your attic, but to use it to its fullest, you’ll want to call on the experts at Attic Projects. Re-conceptualizing attics is our bread and butter; we can help with your attic remodeling and insulation installation and are also well-versed in storage solutions.

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