The Importance of an Attic Inspected Before You Buy a House

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Amid the excitement of purchasing a home, your attic’s condition is usually not foremost on your mind. Having an attic inspection done by an attic service professional could help identify significant problems in the house before you buy it. Since a home purchase is likely the most significant investment someone can make, it is wise to know exactly what lurks above the ceiling! 

The attic reflects the history of a home, and a thorough attic inspection can give clues to severe problems that even the current owner may not be aware of. Attic services professionals at Attic Projects are here to help. We’ll make sure that your investment is sound and your future home is safe and secure.

What are common warning signs of trouble in an attic?

Your attic services professional will guide you through all of the many elements of an attic inspection, but there are several things to keep an eye out for.

Rafter and supporting truss damage

While regular inspectors take a good look at the roof, they may neglect the attic’s structural members. The roof often looks secure and sound from above, defects like damaged or broken trusses or rafters inside the attic are signs of significant and expensive trouble. Stress cracks in the structural members of the attic could lead to loss of stability and integrity. 

Fire damage

Hidden in the attic could be signs of damage from a previous fire. If the attic inspector notices color other than natural wood on the rafters, they will examine them more closely. Sometimes there are apparent signs like scorched, black, or sooty wood, all blatant signs that the property endured a fire. On the other hand, painted rafters could hide such damage and mask the smoky smell as well. An attic services professional knows what to look for when it comes to fire damage.

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Inadequate attic insulation

There are many ways to insulate an attic, including laying fiberglass batts and blowing it in. The effectiveness of insulation is measured with a rating called the R-value. The higher the R-value, the more effective the insulation. Your attic inspection professional should be intimately familiar with the appropriate types and grade of insulation best suited to your area. They’ll also check to make sure that the fiberglass batts are facing in the right direction. Believe it or not, it’s not unusual that it is installed incorrectly. Poorly installed or missing insulation will significantly increase your heating and cooling costs.

Water damage

Your attic inspection professional will check the rafters for signs of staining and rot. Staining on the supports or attic walls are a clear indicator that water leaked in at some point, or is even currently leaking. If there is condensation around pipes and joints, this could also be a sign of water damage. If there are HVAC elements in the attic, they need to be checked for rust and proper drainage.

Wildlife damage

No one wants critters in their attic! Telltale signs include tiny pellets and other debris. All kinds of pests would love to make your new attic their home. They can gain entry through small cracks, gaps, and loose boards. Making their home in your attic can cause significant damage and make your home less healthy.

Have your attic inspection performed by an attic services professional!

Why take the risk of not having your new attic thoroughly inspected? Your home can be your most substantial investment, and you want it to be as safe and secure for you and your family as possible. If you are thinking of purchasing a home, give us a call. Our attic services professional will perform a complete attic inspection and present a report on your attic’s exact condition.

Contact us today so we can help you make your future home the best it can be! 

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