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Why Is Attic Weatherization Important?

Weatherization protects your home from the outside elements to help maximize energy efficiency. Every season, not just the colder ones, calls for protecting your home from the elements. If you’ve noticed your house feeling drafty in the winter but sweltering in the summer, it’s time to invest in some weatherization house renovations.   Weatherization not only […]

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Why Hiring A Licensed And Bonded Professional Matters

When it comes time to clean out, renovate, or replace your attic insulation, it may be tempting to do the work yourself or maybe hire someone who isn’t licensed to save some money. It’s easy to overlook how difficult the job may be and the risk you expose yourself to. Consider, for instance, that you […]

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Electrician Fixing Attic Wirings - 3 Reasons To Leave Attic Electrical Work to the Experts graphic

3 Reasons to Leave Attic Electrical Work to the Experts

While it may be tempting to tackle your electrical work on your own, there are some excellent reasons you should leave it to the experts, especially when it comes to electrical work in your attic. An attic services company like Attic Projects has the electrical knowledge and experts to make sure that you don’t make […]

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