The Best Way to Remodel Your Attic into a Functional Storage Space

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For many homes in Seattle, there’s an open space in your home that’s likely been left unused. If you’re finding yourself crowding your garage and the closets of your house, your attic has the potential to be an entirely new storage space. 

An attic remodeling project can be tricky, depending on the home. However, with the proper insight and pre-planning—and perhaps the aid of a professional—you can soon improve the functionality of your household significantly.

Planning Your Attic Remodel

Before you start remodeling, you should consider what you want this new space to be able to do. Do you need electrical wiring so you can power lights and other appliances? Does your attic have the necessary insulation to withstand Seattle winters without damaging your belongings? 

Renovating your attic can range from just doing the bare essentials to creating a new living space. How much you do depends on how you plan on using the space. But if you choose to use it for storage, you should account for things that need to be stored in a temperature-controlled environment. These items include musical instruments and most electronics.

Ventilation is also essential for the health of your home. So, when planning your attic remodel, make sure you aren’t blocking any of the vents necessary to keep air moving around your home.


You’ll need to move around and clear out space before you start your attic remodel. But to do that, you should make sure you can safely move around in this unused area without risk of damage to yourself or the home. The joists in your attic, as they are, are only designed to support the weight of one person and a few boxed items. 

If you’re planning on using your attic remodel to store furniture and other heavy things, an attached walking platform screwed to the joists makes an excellent temporary solution. Eventually, you’ll need to finish the space with more solid flooring.

Water Damage

Leaks in your roof are a major problem in any situation, but they’re really bad when you’re planning an attic remodel. Any contractor, before they start work, will inspect your attic for signs of water damage. These can stem from bathroom vents blowing moist air into your attic. When it comes to water damage, you shouldn’t do any renovations until you’ve fixed the source of the leak. 

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An attic remodel is a great way to improve the home, both for yourself and any future owners. A finished attic creates more functional space. If you plan on putting your house on the market in the future, a finished attic is a phenomenal selling point.

Do things feel a little cramped or crowded at home? Don’t opt for an outside storage unit right away. Instead, choose to expand your space from the inside out. Contact Attic Projects Company Seattle for a free inspection and project quote!

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