3 Reasons to Leave Attic Electrical Work to the Experts

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While it may be tempting to tackle your electrical work on your own, there are some excellent reasons you should leave it to the experts, especially when it comes to electrical work in your attic. An attic services company like Attic Projects has the electrical knowledge and experts to make sure that you don’t make a mistake that could have catastrophic consequences. 

Before you pick up your tools and head to the circuit breaker, there are several reasons you should first consider bringing in electrical and attic services professional to take care of the project, rather than doing it yourself.

What are three good reasons to leave the attic electrical work to the experts?

First and foremost, if you install your attic electrical incorrectly, you could burn your house down. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, more than 51,000 fires are started every year due to electrical problems, causing more than $1.3 billion in property damage.

If you are doing the electrical work yourself, even the simplest of mistakes could cause significant damage. As an example, using the wrong gauge of wiring could cause a high-load circuit to overheat. A surge could cause the current to melt through the insulation, resulting in a catastrophic fire.

Damage to your property isn’t the only danger. You could also electrocute yourself! Even a shock as small as 14 milliamps could kill you, which is less than what a plug-in nightlight needs to operate. In an average year, 60 electrocution fatalities are caused by household wiring accidents. The most common cause is when power tools come into contact with live electrical wires. 

If you aren’t an expert, you could also create hidden problems like reverse polarity. With reverse polarity, wires are live when they shouldn’t be energized. Even if you escape harming yourself, the next person that encounters it could be seriously injured.

Finally, a third good reason to leave attic electrical work to the experts is that electrical work that is unpermitted and not up to code could make it impossible to sell your home. 

If the wiring and fixtures in your house won’t pass inspection, you could be required to bring in a professional to tear it all out and reinstall it correctly to sell your home. Why not just start by bringing in an attic services electrical professional to get it done right the first time, saving you money down the road.

Any other things I should consider?

Before you break out the tools and start wiring, you should consider if saving a few hundred dollars is worth risking damage to your property, injuring yourself and others, and reducing your property value. As if those reasons aren’t enough, also remember that all attic services electrical professionals are also bonded and insured, and their work is always guaranteed.

If you are considering an attic electrical project, give us a call. We’ll come out, take a look, and give you a free estimate to get the job done right the first time.

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