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What Is Rodent-Proofing? 

If you have a rodent infestation, you’re probably working with a professional exterminator to eliminate the problem. However, that’s not going to prevent any future infestations. Rodent proofing your home is essential to protecting your home and family from the dangers of a rodent infestation.  What Is Rodent-Proofing?  Rats and mice find warm homes attractive […]

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Why Is Attic Weatherization Important?

Weatherization protects your home from the outside elements to help maximize energy efficiency. Every season, not just the colder ones, calls for protecting your home from the elements. If you’ve noticed your house feeling drafty in the winter but sweltering in the summer, it’s time to invest in some weatherization house renovations.   Weatherization not only […]

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How to Tell If Your Attic Is Overheating

Even though insulation lasts 15 to 20 years, you should inspect your attic insulation twice yearly. This will help you catch the early signs that you will soon need to replace it.  As you inspect your attic, you should also pay attention to the temperature in this part of your home. You have a problem […]

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