When Is the Best Time to Rodent-Proof Your Attic?

Rodent in Attic

Winter is the perfect time for unwanted critters to enter your home. After all, they’re looking for food and a place to keep warm, and a cozy house filled with tasty treats is the ideal location. Unfortunately, once they’ve invaded your space, rodents become a threat to your health and belongings. 

You likely already know you should rodent-proof your home, but when is the best time to do it?

When Should I Begin Rodent-Proofing My Home? 

Rodent infestations typically increase as the weather changes and temperatures begin dropping. Your home is a source of warmth and potentially food to keep them going until summer. Because of this, you should start rodent-proofing your home as soon as possible to keep your home rodent-free this winter. 

Rodents that Commonly Infiltrate Your Home 

Folks living in the country are likely familiar with rodent infestations. You’ve probably seen a mouse, rat, or squirrel scurrying about your home. They’ll use any means necessary to get inside, including holes around cable wires and plumbing. 

Contrary to popular belief, a lack of cleanliness isn’t the only reason they love attics and basements. Although they are attracted to the dirt and clutter, they primarily look for food and places to nest. 

Why a Rodent Infestation Is Bad for Your Health 

Everyone knows that a rodent problem can cause permanent damage to your belongings and home. Their teeth grow quickly, and they must chew on things to wear them down, whether it’s a wall, insulation, or electrical wires. This destruction benefits the creature but destroys your home, forcing you to pay for repairs.   

A rodent infestation becomes the most hazardous as their feces accumulate around your home. Their droppings harbor bacteria, trigger allergies, and lead to more significant health issues. Some of the diseases rodents carry are: 

  • Hantavirus
  • Bubonic plague
  • Rat bite fever
  • Salmonellosis

You don’t want to risk contracting these severe illnesses, so it’s best to begin rodent-proofing your home early to prevent an infestation. 

Steps for Rodent-Proofing Your Home 

Once these pests get indoors, they can be tricky to remove. Fortunately, rodent-proofing isn’t difficult and may save you some trouble in the future.

One of the first steps you can take is to patch holes in your home’s structure. They’ll try to enter through any opening or crack, regardless of how small. 

Place caulk around any entry point you think they may sneak through. You may need to fill gaps larger than 1/4 inch with wire mesh or steel pads. These materials are chew-proof and will keep rodents from gnawing their way through. 

Other steps you can take to rodent-proof your home are: 

  • Store opened bags of food in airtight containers 
  • Maintain a regular kitchen cleaning schedule 
  • Store firewood at least 18 inches above the ground 
  • Eliminate indoor clutter in attics, basements, and garages 
  • Remove overgrown branches and trim bushes and flower beds 

Installing brush strips under your doors is a valuable way of rodent-proofing your home and may save you money on utility bills! 

Rodent-Proofing Is Easier with Attic Project 

If you need help with rodent-proofing your home, contact the experienced professionals at Attic Project for more information about our services.

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