How to Save on Your Energy Bills During the Summer

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When you’re in the middle of a sweltering summer, you rely on your air conditioning system to maintain comfort. But with increased comfort usually come increased energy bills. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce energy use without sacrificing the cool comfort of your home.    

Cost-saving efforts begin with a few changes to your daily routine and carry over to home improvements like attic insulation installation. There are plenty of options to choose from. Read our energy-saving tips to keep you cool for the summer without feeling the financial heat. 

Change Your Daily Routine 

A simple change to your regular routine can save you money. Creating a habit of turning off any lights and appliances you aren’t using can add up to substantial savings. Another way to save money on your energy bills is to hang dry your clothes instead of running the dryer.  

Cover Your Windows 

Your glass windows absorb more heat than other surfaces during the warmer months. Keeping them shaded when they aren’t used will help keep your home at a lower temperature and prevent your AC unit from kicking on so often.

Shades, blinds, and curtains are various forms of window treatments that can help keep the sun out. Light-colored treatments are more reflective and bounce sun rays away from your home.   

Schedule an Attic Insulation Installation 

Attic insulation is crucial to minimizing energy consumption during warmer months. It stops heat from entering your home and helps maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature. Scheduling an attic insulation installation to replace outdated material can save you valuable money each year. 

After the energy audit, you’ll better understand where you should focus your attic insulation installation. However, the best place to start is in the attic for most homes. Ensure all exterior walls, crawlspaces, and walls between your home and unheated spaces have adequate insulation. 

Air-Seal Your Home 

Make sure you take advantage of your new attic insulation installation by searching for and sealing any air leaks. During the summer, humid air enters your home through any small openings in your attic, basement, walls, and crawl spaces. Humid air makes your home feel warmer and your air conditioner work harder. 

Closing any air leaks can bring your home to maximize energy efficiency, cutting your cooling costs by up to 15%. The best way to locate any air leaks is to hire a certified auditor to perform an energy audit. It’s best to have this done several weeks prior to the heat of the summer to allow enough time to take care of any issues detected.      

Use Proper Ventilation 

Another tip to save on your energy bill during the summer is to use ventilation. Using fans and additional forms of ventilation with insulation prevents heat and moisture from building up in your home and preserves the air quality. You can also reduce heat in your home by opening windows and doors. 

Using fans as a support for your AC unit allows you to increase your thermostat’s setting by four degrees while keeping the same comfort level throughout your home.  

Don’t waste any more of your hard-earned money on energy bills. Schedule your attic insulation installation with Attic Projects today

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