Why Is Attic Weatherization Important?

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Weatherization protects your home from the outside elements to help maximize energy efficiency. Every season, not just the colder ones, calls for protecting your home from the elements. If you’ve noticed your house feeling drafty in the winter but sweltering in the summer, it’s time to invest in some weatherization house renovations.  

Weatherization not only improves your comfort and reduces drafts but can also help you decrease your energy consumption, making your home more environmentally friendly. Using a professional attic services company for weatherization can finally end these issues.    

What Is Weatherization? 

Weatherization is the methodical application of home energy upgrades that help provide comfort and energy efficiency year-round. These renovations could include: 

An attic services company can complete air sealing, duct sealing, and insulation installation to eliminate any openings that allow air to enter and escape your home. 

Check for Attic Air Leaks 

Any hole or crack leads to lost energy, contributing to higher monthly energy bills. A few common areas that allow air to enter and exit include: 

  • Wiring holes 
  • Recessed lighting 
  • Attic hatch 
  • Holes for plumbing pipes 

If an energy audit reveals any holes, address the most significant space first. This will contribute to the greatest amount of energy savings.  

Why Is Attic Insulation Important? 

Your heating and cooling system accounts for 50% to 70% of the energy used in your home. Losing hot or cold air leads to significant amounts of wasted energy. Hiring an attic services company to install insulation is one step you can take to prevent this energy loss while making your home greener.

Adding insulation, especially in your attic, reduces energy costs because it limits the energy needed to maintain a comfortable temperature. 

Any changes in your home’s temperature cause your heater and air conditioner to work harder. Closing any space that could lead to drastic temperature changes prevents higher energy usage and results in decreased energy costs. 

An Attic Services Company Can Help Maximize Savings 

Discuss your options with your attic services company as you weatherize your home with attic insulation. Consider the different types of insulation and which form best suits your needs and has the most significant impact on your energy bills.  

Ensure enough insulation is installed to adequately cover your entire attic space. This could mean adding more material to the current amount. As a general rule, add more insulation if you can see the attic floor.  

Take the time to research your insulation options. It’s not always best to go with the cheapest when you’re trying to maximize your energy savings. It’s best to hire a professional attic services company to complete the installation. They have the knowledge and experience to make sure the job gets done right. 

Trust Attic Projects to Help Improve Your Energy Efficiency 

Call the Attic Projects team when you need a reliable attic services company. We’ve got the knowledge and experience you need to help maximize your energy efficiency and save you money! 

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