Why Attic and Crawl Space Cleaning Is So Important During the Summer in Seattle

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If your Seattle home has an attic or a crawl space, it’s important to clean these areas once every summer. Even if these areas don’t seem to need cleaning, performing these tasks will help you spot problems before they become worse. Your attic and crawl space are each prone to problems that can affect the quality of your home.

Know the Importance of Attic Cleaning

There are multiple reasons for giving your attic a thorough cleaning every summer. Here are a few more common items you should watch for while cleaning your attic.

Inspect Your Insulation

A summertime attic cleaning is an ideal opportunity to inspect your insulation. Take a peek behind the insulation to look for moisture, water stains, or mold growth. Even if you don’t see these signs of a problem, look for insulation that appears black. You will need to replace it. 

In addition to leaving your home unprotected, damaged insulation can lead to poor air quality by allowing mold and moisture to spread throughout your home. 

Look for Roof Damage

One of the easiest and early signs of a roof problem is water damage in your attic. Look for stains on wood beams and other roof materials as you clean your attic. You can also find holes and leaks by looking for areas where sunlight gets through the roof’s wood planks. You might also feel a draft in areas where a leak is present.

Be on the Lookout for Pests

As you perform an attic cleaning, watch for pests that may be infesting this part of your home. Signs of rodents, birds, and insects include droppings, nesting materials, and hatched eggs. 

There may also be small piles of sawdust where pests have burrowed through your roofing materials. Make sure to call a pest exterminator before repairing your roof.

Why Crawl Space Cleaning Is Important

You probably don’t go into your home’s crawl space very often. While there isn’t a frequent reason you should look at this area of your home frequently, it is important to give it an inspection and cleaning once each summer.

Keep the Air Cleaner

Mold growth is a problem that can also occur in your crawl space. In fact, it may be even more likely in this area since humidity levels and moisture can be worse. As you clean the crawl space, look for black mold and water stains. If left to thrive, mold will release spores, which the wind will carry into your home.

Check for Animals

The pest problem beneath your home can be a little more serious. Larger animals, such as cats, rabbits, or reptiles, can get trapped in your crawl space. Many people hire a professional crawl space cleaning service for this reason. They will have the experience and tools for dealing with a larger pest problem.

Look for Home Damage

As you remove debris from your crawl space, look for damaged pipes, torn electrical wiring, and rotted wood beams. A summer inspection and cleaning can help you find and repair problems.

We Will Clean Your Attic or Crawl Space

While cleaning an attic or crawl space is important, you don’t have to do the work yourself. Get help from Attic Projects to see professional quality results with your cleanup. Call us today!

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