Why Good Ventilation is Especially Important For Regulating Attic Temperature in Summer

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You may think of your attic as nothing more than an extra space to store holiday decorations, but it is actually an integral part of your overall roofing system. Your attic ventilation system has a significant impact on the comfort of your home during hot summer weather and the longevity of the roof itself.

Attic Insulation and Ventilation Inspection

Scheduling attic services might not be on the top of your to-do list, but maybe it should be. Having your attic cleaned, sanitized, and checked for mold is essential. Upgrading your attic’s insulation and having the space rodent proofed are two more all-important home maintenance projects that should be done regularly. During an inspection, a technician also checks the ventilation systems to make sure cool, fresh air is entering and hot, humid air is escaping.

Consequences of Poor Attic Ventilation

If poor venting is preventing the exchange of hot and cool air, it can cause several unwanted consequences inside your attic and throughout the entire home.

Damage to Your Whole Home

Proper attic ventilation helps regulate the home’s temperature all year long, but it is especially crucial in the summer. When the hot sun beats down on your roof, the attic temperature rises. If heat and moisture are trapped in the attic, it can damage wood framing, siding, shingles, the ceiling beneath the attic, and even the paint and wallpaper in the rooms below.

A High Energy Bill

Improper ventilation can also increase summer energy costs. When the attic is filled with super-heated air that can’t escape, it’s not just the attic that gets hot. The temperature inside the house rises, too. To stay comfortable, homeowners leave the AC running longer or use fans to keep their living spaces cool and comfortable.

Additional HVAC Related Maintenance

Not only do utility bills rise with more energy consumption, but the extra hours of use take a toll on your cooling equipment. An HVAC system that has to work harder than it should almost always requires frequent repairs and doesn’t last as long.

Humidity and Excess Moisture

Ventilation doesn’t just lower the temperature inside your attic and home, it reduces humidity levels. Excess moisture creates an ideal environment for mold, mildew, and other allergens. It can even lead to costly and dangerous structural damage inside your home.

What Can You Do About Poor Ventilation?

Some solutions don’t require replacing the entire roof system.

An attic services expert may suggest any of the following to improve attic ventilation:

  • Installing more intake and exhaust vents as needed
  • Removing attic insulation that blocks airflow
  • Sealing gaps around vents, pipes, and other appliances
  • Cleaning debris out of ventilation equipment
  • Installing an attic fan

Improving the ventilation in your attic not only keeps your home cooler in the summer—it also helps keep things warm in the winter. When the ventilation in your attic is balanced and functioning properly, you’ll save money, maintain a comfortable temperature within your home, and protect your roof year-round.

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