What’s the Best Way To Get the Birds in My Attic To Move Out?

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Spring is here, and the birds are chirping in the trees! While beautiful and melodic in the great outdoors, those same birds can be trouble if they make their way into your attic. Not only do they carry potentially harmful parasites and diseases, but their nesting also makes an absolute mess in your attic!

The savvy homeowner should make sure the bird proofing in their attic is updated, effective, and ready to head off this problem before it even begins.

What Are Signs I Have Birds in My Attic?

Signs that Birds Are Nesting in Your Attic

Of all the potential attic issues you may experience, birds nesting in your attic is one of the easiest to identify. You won’t be able to miss the incessant chirping and rustling. They also bring in a ton of nesting materials and make a tremendous mess.

Importance of Calling a Professional to Get the Birds Out of Your Attic Space

In addition to all the debris for their nests, birds bring in several serious health risks. Birds carry lice, fleas, ticks, and their droppings often contain dangerous diseases like encephalitis. Avoid going up into your attic and don’t come into contact with the nesting materials and droppings. Breathing in the spores that develop in this mess can be very dangerous to your health.

If you hear chirping in your attic, you’ll want to take steps to take care of the problem right away. Bird proofing can be tricky if there’s already an invasion—so if the birds are already there, you’ll want to bring in a pro to handle the situation.

How Do I Remove Birds From My Attic?

Once birds discover your attic and the cozy home it makes, they won’t leave on their own— you have to take action. Birds can linger in your attic for up to four months.

Birds are an important part of the ecosystem and most states have rules and regulations that protect them, so you shouldn’t try killing the birds. Also, using poison, toxic gases, or kill traps can be dangerous for you and your family, not just the invasive birds. It’s best to use humane traps that lure birds in with birdseed. Once trapped, they can be safely released outdoors.

Another way to get birds out of your attic is to open the windows from the outside, play loud music, and make lots of noise on the ceiling. This may make the birds uncomfortable enough to leave on their own.

Bird Proofing Your Attic

It’s best to take preventive steps so birds can’t get into your attic in the first place! Bird proofing starts with a thorough inspection of your attic space to determine any entry points. All small cracks or gaps in your attic should be thoroughly sealed.

Using chicken wire to block fairly large entry points is effective, but for larger holes, you’ll likely need to repair the structure of your home. Consider bringing in professional help; they are trained to find every possible entry point and they can advise you about the best way to seal your attic.

Call Attic Projects Seattle Today if You Have Birds and Other Pests in Your Home

Attic Projects Company is an expert when it comes to bird removal and bird proofing, so give us a call! Leave the dangerous work of safely and humanely removing birds to us, and rest easy knowing that your attic is sealed tight and free from unwanted visitors.

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