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Do you see your attic as the storage space for old family pictures, moldy books, Christmas decorations, and furniture pieces? You’re missing out on a chance to increase the usable space in your home!

An attic remodel will unlock precious square footage and improve your home’s functionality. There are so many attic remodeling ideas you can bring to life. You can transform the space into a new bedroom, an office, a man cave, a game room, and more. Once you decide on use, it’s easier to work out the renovations you need for the project.

Are you searching for “remodeling attic space ideas”? We’ll go over some in this article.

Remodeling Attic Space Ideas

Things to Consider Before Attic Remodeling

Some of the things you need to consider before your attic remodels include:

Ceiling Height

Your new attic space is neither useful nor safe if you don’t have at least seven feet of room between the attic floor and the ceiling. You don’t want to walk around the space hunched over while trying not to hit your head on the ceiling. Local building codes often mandate the seven feet height in at least half of the attic space.


The attic floor must be strong enough to carry the weight of what you intend to bring to the space. These additions include furniture, electronics, decorative elements, and more. If the floor is not sturdy enough, you may need a replacement.


Attic spaces are usually colder and warmer than other parts of the home. You need better insulation to make the space more comfortable.

Spray foam insulation is a fantastic choice because it delivers excellent results. At the same time, it does not take up as much space as fiberglass batt systems.

Rafters and Trusses

Rafters are long wooden boards, also known as stick frames. They are common in any home with a sloped ceiling. They offer more attic space overall as the sloped design leaves enough room in the center of the attic.

Trusses are more efficient at distributing the weight from the roof to the outside walls. However, they take up more space in the attic.

Temperature Control

As mentioned above, the attic is often uncomfortably hot or cold in the summer or winter. Therefore, you must factor in temperature control when planning your new design. The insulation will help, but make sure you can stay adequately cool or warm in the space.

In most cases, you’ll need to set up a separate temperature zone. Additions like windows, skylights, and standing or ceiling fans can help.

Attic Bathrooms

You need a bathroom in your attic to limit the shuttle between the attic floor and the lower living space. The cheapest way to add the bathroom is to choose a position directly above other bathrooms or kitchens. This way, it’s easier to connect plumbing fixtures without making large-scale changes to your home.


Your attic isn’t the right space for chandeliers. Recessed LED lights can illuminate the area without taking up space or generating more heat.

Remodeling Attic Ideas

Different Attic Remodeling Ideas

You can refinish your attic for use in different ways. Here are some attic remodeling ideas:

Make It a Playroom

Attics already have a playful charm to them. You can refinish yours to convert it to a proper playroom for the kids. Add a few toys and child-friendly furniture, and you’ll have the perfect room to send them to when you need total concentration downstairs.

Use It as a Bonus Room

Do you feel like you could do with one more bedroom in your home? Your attic is the perfect space to convert. With the right decoration and a portable bed, you can have an extra bedroom. You don’t have to worry about space during family reunions anymore.

Use It as a Home Theater

If your attic space doesn’t let in too much natural light, convert it into a home theater. The dark ambiance is ideal for your TV or projector screen. With the right type of insulation, you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies without disturbing everyone else.

Turn Your Attic Into a Home Gym

If your attic floor is strong enough to handle a treadmill and some weights, you can save money on gym memberships and the trip to the gym.

Turn It into Your Office Space

Today, more people than ever are working from home. You don’t have to work from the kitchen island if you have decent attic space. With some proper lighting, a skylight, and excellent temperature control, you can work without distractions.

Convert Unused Space Into a Walk-In Closet

You can convert your attic into a bigger closet space, complete with cabinets and additional wardrobes. It’s the perfect location for those shoes, clothes, and bags you only pull out on special occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Attic Remodeling

Is an Attic Remodel Worth It?

An attic remodels can significantly improve your home’s value. Most homeowners will recoup around 53% of the cost of the remodel when it is time to sell. Renting out the space can also help lower your monthly expenses.

Beyond the financial value, the joy of having this extra space is better experienced than imagined.

Can My Attic Support a Floor?

Many people searching for “remodeling attic ideas” usually worry about whether the space can support floors and new additions. Generally, most attics can support a wood floor and other flooring materials. The joists holding your ceiling are usually strong enough.

However, it’s best to hire a structural engineer for a thorough evaluation.


Have you found inspiration from our attic remodeling ideas? The first step to converting the space is cleaning it up. At Attic Projects, we offer a wide range of services to help make your attic space safe and comfortable.

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