Attic Renovations and Remodels: A Step-By-Step Guide

Small attic with lots of storage issues.

Most families use their attics as an extended storage space, tossing things in whenever they aren’t sure what to do with them. From a set of Christmas lights to a broken treadmill or clothes that were meant to be donated a year ago, there’s likely a veritable treasure trove of things up in your attic that have long since overstayed their welcome in your home.

That said, your attic doesn’t have to be the junk drawer of your rooms. It should serve as an opportunity to increase your home’s living or usable space, and with proper renovations, it can become anything you see fit, from an office to even an additional bedroom.

As you begin to see your attic’s potential, you might consider researching attic remodeling, and we’re happy to say that your search ends right here before it even begins. Below is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you get through your attic renovation from start to finish.

The Planning Phase

All home remodeling projects should start with a solid plan. You don’t want to start knocking things down until you assess your attic, and to that end, we recommend contacting a local contractor before you do anything else.

An inspection will prevent you from establishing design elements that aren’t plausible, and it will also let you know whether there are any issues or hurdles you might find during your attic remodeling, thereby allowing you to avoid running into snags in the middle of your renovation and adequately plan your design beforehand.

Deciding on How to Use The Space

The options for using a finished attic are endless, but sometimes, the sheer volume of choices available can make it challenging to narrow things down. With that being said, here are some ideas to help jumpstart your brainstorm for your attic remodeling:

Kid’s Playroom or Rec Room

Finished attics make for excellent recreational rooms. Kids will have space to play and keep toys contained without someone tripping over a toy truck. At the same time, though, attics can also be great places for adults to have fun. With room for a bar, a pool table, or a big screen, you can give yourself the at-home getaway you’ve dreamed of.

Guest Room

If you’re a homeowner who likes to host often, having a guest room for your out-of-town friends could prove very handy. Most attics can be easily transformed into a room for visitors; even smaller ones have enough room for the basics.

Home Office

A dedicated home office is one of the most coveted areas a homeowner can have, and allowing yourself to work from home in a space that is a visual change of pace from your bedroom or kitchen is a game changer. It’s often relatively quiet up in an attic, too, so you likely won’t be disturbed by anything happening around your home.

Planning for Comfort

An attic remodeling into a livable space goes much further than simply furnishing it, especially given the fact that most homeowners initially overlook these spaces. An unfinished attic will, therefore, often need work done that encompasses the following aspects:


Your attic won’t have the same access to your HVAC system as the rest of your home, which means it’s more likely to be colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. As such, you’ll need to make adjustments to your system or supplement what you have with additional insulation. In any case, an attic remodeling professional can help you determine the best course of action.


You’ll want to adjust the lighting depending on how you intend to use your space. As are large windows, skylights are a phenomenal way to flood the space with natural light.

Electricity Access

If you primarily plan to turn your attic into a home office, you’ll want to consider how much power you need to operate within the space. Not all attics are fully fitted with multiple wall sockets, so you may want to consult an electrician if your attic remodeling plans involve any large-scale electrical work.


Part of the reason why many homeowners don’t use their attics is because they can be hard to access. With that said, consider adding elements that make it easier to access in planning for your renovation. Take safety precautions into account as well; many attics aren’t designed with these in mind.

Weatherization and Rodent Proofing

It’s likely that your attic isn’t in the best shape, especially if you aren’t actively using it, so it is recommended to have it professionally weatherized. On top of that, an attic remodeling professional can ensure the space is rodent-proofed, as well, given that attics are what many unwanted critters like to use as an entrance into your home.

Beginning the Remodel

By now, you should have a trustworthy contractor who understands your design plan and has all the necessary permits and know-how to complete the project within your budget and timeline. They’ll discuss any potential problem areas with you before they begin, so you aren’t caught off-guard if they pop up.

At the start of the project, the contractor’s first job will be to make the space inhabitable. That involves adding flooring, drywall, and insulation, each of which will form your first few major choices during your attic remodeling since they will all impact the space’s comfortability.

While your aesthetic preferences might solely influence your selections for the flooring and drywall, keep efficiency regarding insulation at the top of your mind. Attics are one of the most vulnerable spots in a home for losing hot and cold air, so don’t hesitate to swing big with a high-quality purchase here.

Once the foundation is laid, you and your contractor can focus on how you’ll use the space. It is here where other smaller projects often come into play, but you might be done with the remodeling and ready to move onto the decorating phase — it’ll all depend on how you plan to use the space.

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