How A Dirty Attic Could Be Making Your Family Sick

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Cleaning out your attic is probably not your idea of a fun weekend. However, neglecting this small space can cause unimaginable health issues to your family members. Few people give any thought to their attic until there is a major pest infestation that requires the attention of professional exterminators and removers. Apart from having a comfortable and pathogen-free home, cleaning the attic will also give you some extra room to get creative. If you have been ignoring the attic for years now, here are some of the ways it could be affecting your family’s health;

Mold and mildew

It all begins with a small roof leak, cracked caulking or a buildup of moisture on the ducts. It takes about 72 hours for moisture to develop into mold which can be extremely dangerous if inhaled by human beings. Not only does mold and mildew lead to severe headaches and chest issues, it can also cause eye problems, dizziness, fatigue and asthma.


You can clean your house all you want but if the attic is full of dust, you will still have health issues. Dust mites blown into the air cause severe colds, sneezing, watery eyes and asthma. The dust could be coming directly through openings on the roof or blown into the living space by your HVAC unit. Many people are allergic to dust so you notice some abnormal health changes among your family members.

Animal danger

The attic acts as a perfect home for rodents, roaches, bats and raccoons. Apart from bringing in food from outside, these pests also leave droppings and feces that turn into dangerous bacteria. When the people in your house are exposed to this bacteria and contamination, they are likely to get sick. You may think you are safe from animal-caused bacteria as long as you stay away from the attic but you are not. Pathogens and bacteria are airborne and they will be transferred to your living space one way or another.


There are two main places where homeowners store their farm and household chemicals; the attic and the basement. Unfortunately, the attic experiences very high fluctuations of temperature and this can affect the chemicals stored up there. Chemical fumes can be very dangerous to human beings and in some instances the chemicals can cause a fire.

If you have a good HEPA filter vacuum cleaner, it is not hard to clean the attic regularly. All you have to do is wear a dust mask and vacuum away any particles not forgetting to wipe all window frames, rafters and walls with a wet cloth. However, if you are scared of the small space or you have animals that are nesting up there; you may want to call a professional to do the cleaning for you at a fee.

“Sick building” syndrome is a serious issue around the world and it is found even in new houses. Regularly cleaning the attic is a great way to reduce this syndrome and have a healthy home.

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