Can Rat Droppings Make You Sick? 

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Spotting rat droppings in your home can be one of the worst parts of being a homeowner. The unwelcome pests are certainly annoying, but you may be left wondering whether they’re dangerous. Keep reading to determine whether rat droppings can make you sick and what to do when you spot them in your attic. 

Risks and Dangers Associated with Rats

You don’t have to be in direct contact with rats for their presence to take a toll on your health. Rats inhabiting any part of your house can have widespread impacts on the health and safety of your home and family, as is outlined below. 


Rats and other rodents carry dozens of serious and sometimes deadly diseases that humans can contract. 

Many people believe that rats must bite you to contract a disease from a rodent, but this isn’t true. Being around rodent urine or droppings is enough to contract whatever disease the rat may have been carrying.  

Increased Allergies

Chemicals found in rodent urine and feces have shown a link to allergic reactions in people. Exposure to rodent droppings and dander can also aggravate asthma symptoms. So even in the best-case scenario of an infestation of disease-free rats, it can still impact your family’s health. 

Damaged Property

Besides pooping an ungodly amount, rodents are also known for their insatiable chewing. Rodents like rats and mice are indiscriminate chewers who will chew through everything from wood to wiring and plastic. They will chew up any paper, photographs, and even clothing to make their nests in the attic. 

The overactive chewers in the attic not only cause serious damage to your home but also increase the risk of fire. After all, chewed wires and shredded paper don’t make a very good combination.  

What to Do When You Find Rat Droppings in Your Attic

When you spot rat droppings in your attic, see if you can identify whether the infestation has spread. If there don’t appear to be any access holes chewed out and there are no droppings anywhere else in your house, it’s safe to assume you caught the infestation before it spread. 

Next, contact a local professional specializing in rodent removal. Once the professionals remove the rats, you can focus on the cleanup and attic sanitation process.

DIY or Professional Attic Sanitation?

It’s best to leave attic sanitation to trained professionals. Many homeowners don’t want to shell out money just for someone to clean their attic, but attic sanitation is so much more than just cleaning. 

It is a careful process that eradicates all traces of rodent presence in your attic. Not only is it a very laborious job, but it’s also hazardous. Without the right precautions and protection, you could end up contracting a serious disease. 

Professional Attic Sanitation Near You

With the help of professional attic sanitation, you can take back control over your attic. If your attic needs rescuing, whether from rodent droppings or mold, reach out to the experts at Attic Projects Seattle today to set up a professional attic sanitation appointment

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