Signs of Bad Insulation

Maintaining an optimal temperature in the home during the colder and hotter months is challenging. Whether it’s drafty rooms or a home that never seems to cool down, an uncomfortable temperature can cause physical discomfort. A home lacking proper insulation is also a financial burden.

Here are some signs of a poorly insulated house:

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Constantly Changing Interior Temperatures

Homes with poorly insulated walls, windows, or attics will lose warmer air in the winter and cooler air in the summer, requiring excessive energy to keep an interior environment at the desired temperature. If your home’s internal temperature is constantly changing, it is likely due to warm or cold air escaping due to improper or inadequate insulation in your home. Your attic insulation may have shifted, resulting in more cold or hot air entering through the top of your home. 

This situation may require you to hire a contractor to inspect your insulation. Fixing the issue for good could mean hiring professional help for attic insulation removal and attic insulation installation.

Abnormally High Energy Bills

Have you wondered, “why is my energy bill so high”? Are your energy bills causing financial stress for you and your family? If this is the case, your home’s insulation is likely no longer functioning as it should and may require new insulation. 

Suppose you notice that your central air is not cooling the home or your air conditioner is working but not cooling down the house. In that case, it’s a signal that your home’s insulation may not be sufficient to maintain desired temperatures. Cutting energy costs can make installing new attic insulation worth the price, as this is often a person’s highest utility cost.

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Animal Infestation

Signs that rats or other rodents may be living within your home indicate a poorly insulated attic. Pests can get in through gaps that affect insulation, especially in attic spaces. Good insulation should protect your home thermally and act as a barrier against rodents. Animals will take advantage of poor insulation by entering your property through these cracks, which can worsen outstanding insulation. 

Drafty Rooms

Bad insulation can also lead to cold drafts in your home. Have you experienced what feels like a cold breeze in certain rooms or areas of the house? Or is your heating on, but the house still feels cold? If so, there may be tiny spaces around doors or windows that let in cold air, which can be incredibly annoying in colder months. 

Professionals can help seal off doors and frames to ensure heat stays in the house. Fixing issues like these is essential to keep up with attic maintenance in the winter

Watermarks on Attic Walls or Floor

Have you noticed extra moisture in your attic, such as watermarks, mold, rust, moisture on or around the windows, or a musky odor? If so, a poorly insulated attic could be to blame. 

One of the easiest ways to fix an attic insulation issue is to get radiant barrier insulation. Radiant barriers are thin sheets of aluminum that help insulate your existing attic insulation. They are reflective and keep out the heat in the summer while retaining heat in the winter months. 

Attic Insulation Services in Southern California

If your family or business needs insulation services, contact Attic Projects today for a free inspection to regain a well-regulated home. You shouldn’t have to suffer through drafts or constantly changing temperatures due to poor insulation, especially when there are affordable options available at your disposal.

 Attic Projects is committed to helping you save money on your bills and keep your home free from critters, mold, and other issues that result from poor insulation.

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