Why You Should Have Your Crawl Space Inspected Before Moving In

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Your crawl space is vulnerable to a variety of problems that can cause significant damage to your property. If you don’t conduct a crawl space inspection on a regular basis, your crawl space can quickly become a source of water damage, mold, poor indoor air quality, and pests.

Crawl space inspections will examine the most hidden areas of your home to ensure that your entire living space is safe and comfortable. However, you may still wonder if inspections are worth the time and money.

Today, we’ll discuss the primary reasons you may want to have your crawl space inspected. 

Benefits of a Crawl Space Inspection

If you’re moving to a new area or purchasing your first home, a crawl space inspection should be on your checklist.

This is because your crawl space can begin suffering from nearly invisible damage if it’s not professionally inspected. Detection and repair are necessary to prevent the worsening of progressive problems that can cost you money and put your health at risk.

A professional contractor will look for:

All of these issues can affect the structural integrity of your home or cause poor indoor air quality. As a homeowner, keeping your family safe is your number one priority. 

For this reason, it’s crucial to conduct a crawl space inspection to solve any potential risks that are taking place in your home.

When to Get Your Crawl Space Inspected

Although you should always conduct a crawl space inspection when you first move into a home, not every homeowner does. Here are a few additional warning signs that it may be time to schedule a crawl space inspection:

  • Excessive rainfall in your area
  • A musty odor throughout your home
  • Asthma or allergy symptoms rising
  • High utility costs
  • Signs of unwanted pests 
  • Warping door frames or misted windows

All these are warning signs that it’s time to get your crawl space inspected. It’s imperative to schedule an appointment and repair the problem before the damage spreads.

How Does a Crawl Space Inspection Work?

Inspection of a crawl space typically involves three steps: entry, superficial, and a full inspection. 

Entry Inspection

Before the expert can examine your entire crawl space, they’ll need to analyze the crawl space entrance. As long as the contractor can safely fit through the entrance, they can proceed with the assessment.

Superficial Inspection

Once inside your crawl space, the professional will conduct a surface-level inspection to find any apparent issues. These issues include mold clusters, exposed wiring, standing water, and more.

Full Inspection

If there’s nothing out of the ordinary, the inspector will start diving into the crevices of the crawl space. This is when the technician closely examines the joists, vapor barriers, and other elements of your crawl space in detail.

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