How to Ensure Access to Your Crawl Space

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Although the crawl space is often out-of-sight and out-of-mind, there are important things to know about the space. 

A crawl space is a narrow area between the first floor and the ground of a home. They are usually unfinished with a dirt floor. In some cases, the crawl space can be as narrow as 3 ft by 3 ft. 

Despite their small size, commercial and residential buildings that have crawl spaces can utilize them to their advantage.

Crawl spaces are beneficial because they suck water vapor efficiently and allow air to circulate underneath the property. However, unmaintained crawl spaces can cause more harm than good. 

Notably, crawl space doors are vital to the access, inspection, and maintenance of your below-grade space. An unmaintained area without crawl space doors poses a number of risks and inconveniences. 

Here are some of the ways that adding doors to your crawl space can improve your property, save you money, and prevent pest infestations.

Why You Need Crawl Space Doors

Buildings that have crawl spaces will need access doors to enter areas below grade. Even though this area is dark and cramped, you’ll need to access it to reach plumbing, electrical wires, and to effectively address pest problems.

Your crawl space can flood when heavy rain arrives, so you’ll want to make sure that you have engineered flood vents to eliminate the moisture. 

Crawl space doors provide access to the crawl space, prevent moisture from seeping in, and keep out pests. For this reason, every homeowner with a crawl space needs an efficient crawl space door.

Health Benefits

Without proper ventilation, your home is at risk of mold, mildew, fungus, and other dangers to your health. Proper ventilation is crucial for protecting your family from respiratory ailments. As such, it’s vital to install crawl space doors and conduct inspections if there are young children, the elderly, or those with asthma in your home.

Cost Savings

Crawl space doors also save you money, especially in the colder winter months. Enclosing your crawl space with a door and vent covers will prevent pipes from bursting. Well-installed doors can also help you save money on your monthly energy bills. 

Keeping Critters Out

Without a high-quality crawl space door, critters and pests can sneak inside your home and start causing damage. Not only do they leave toxic droppings that can circulate into your home’s airflow, but they can also chew and destroy wiring or wooden structures. 

Keeping Your Crawl Space Clean and Safe

Crawl space professionals agree that homeowners should examine their crawl spaces every six months. During this inspection, you should be on the lookout for traces of mold, pests, or water.

However, not every homeowner is willing to dive into the crawl space and poke around with a flashlight! As such, it’s important to contact a local crawl space professional to inspect the space. 

A small investment to install a crawl space door and conduct an inspection can save a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

Professional Crawl Space Doors

At Attic Projects Seattle, we turn a daunting task for homeowners into something pleasant and enjoyable. We offer comprehensive crawl space door installations and crawl space inspections. Call us today if you’re looking to optimize your home!

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