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Should You Seal Your Crawl Space in the Northwest?

The crawl space isn’t anybody’s favorite part of their home. Between the creepy atmosphere and near-constant risk of mold and mildew, many homeowners wish they could just seal it all up.  Crawl space encapsulation is popular in some parts of the country. But is it right for your Northwest home? Keep reading to find out.  […]

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How to Ensure Access to Your Crawl Space

Although the crawl space is often out-of-sight and out-of-mind, there are important things to know about the space.  A crawl space is a narrow area between the first floor and the ground of a home. They are usually unfinished with a dirt floor. In some cases, the crawl space can be as narrow as 3 […]

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Top Reasons Your Crawl Space May Smell 

Picture yourself relaxing at home after a long week of hard work, enjoying a delicious dinner. While you’re eating, you start to smell a terrible odor filling the room. Not only is your relaxation disrupted, your dinner no longer seems appetizing.  When you’re dealing with a smelly crawl space, it can only get worse with […]

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