5 Best Ways to Prepare Your Crawl Space for the Colder Months

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Prepping your house for winter can be quite an arduous task. You want to make sure that every part of your home is ready to withstand some of the dampest, coldest months of the year. A home’s crawl space is one part of the house often overlooked when homeowners prepare for colder weather. 

How to Prep Your Crawl Space

While you may not consider the crawl space a priority, it is vital to ensure that the area is ready to keep the cold out, hold the warmth in, and prevent frozen pipes during the chilly winter months. How do you do this? Check out the five tips below for crawl space maintenance and prepping the area for cold weather.

1. Seal the Vents

Preparing your crawl space for colder months should include crawl space encapsulation or sealing the vents. A professional inspector can close the vents with a foam spray and secure the crawl space door with a foam board. This will help keep outdoor air from entering the space during winter.

2. Clean Out the Area

One of the most important parts of crawl space maintenance is keeping the area clean. Before it gets too cold, go through and clear the area of any debris. Crawl spaces are typically dark and cramped, which makes it difficult for a homeowner to properly clean. Consider hiring a professional service to help with crawl space cleanup.

3. Repair Any Waterproofing Issues

Before winter begins, you’ll want to repair any waterproofing issues inside your crawl space. Keeping moisture out of your crawl space is vital, so if the area is not completely waterproof, you will need to seek repair services. Allowing moisture into the area encourages mold growth that can cause more extensive issues for your home. Ideally, you should assess your crawl space at least once a year to ensure it is waterproof.

4. Get a Vapor Barrier

Vapor barriers are an essential part of crawl space maintenance. A vapor barrier restricts airflow and prevents ground moisture evaporation from entering the crawl space. When there is less airflow to the area, there is less moisture. Vapor barriers are especially helpful in winter because they keep your floors and living spaces warm.

5. Rodent-Proof the Space

During the cold winter months, rodents and other pests often seek refuge and warmth in your crawl space. Make sure that you set up adequate pest control methods to ensure this doesn’t become a problem. Here at Attic Projects, we don’t just manage your pest problem—we end it once and for all. We are confident in our work, and for this reason, we offer a 10-year warranty on our rodent proofing services.

Crawl Space Maintenance From Attic Projects

When you need help preparing your crawl space for the winter months, call the team at Attic Projects Company. We specialize in various areas of crawl space maintenance and other home services. Our professionals can equip your crawl space with vent sealing, vapor barriers, pest control, and more. All of this will help to make sure your crawl space can withstand colder weather. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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