What Causes White Mold to Start Growing in Your Attic?

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Have you found white mold in your home’s attic? Don’t panic. Mold is a common problem that all homeowners encounter at some point. When you realize that any space in your home has a mold problem, you likely wonder what caused it and how to take care of it… permanently! Learn more about the causes of white mold and methods of mold remediation below.

What Is White Mold?

There are a few common household molds一black, green, and white. Luckily, any mold that appears white in color and powdery in its texture is in the early stages of growth. There are several species of mold within this category, including Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Cladosporium. While these species of mold can be various colors, like grey or green, they most often appear white. White mold can be found in many places in a house, but it is most commonly found in attics.

3 Causes of White Mold

When you find white mold in your attic, you may wonder how this happened to your home. As it turns out, white mold is a very common problem for homeowners. Read on to discover three events that can cause white mold to grow in your attic and how mold remediation can resolve them.

1. Improper Attic Ventilation = High Humidity

The biggest cause of any type of mold is improper attic ventilation. Mold needs moisture to grow, which is why areas in your home that have high humidity are much more likely to develop mold problems than drier areas. Your attic comes equipped with either soffit vents, ridge vents, roof vents, and/or gable vents to ensure that humidity has a way of leaving your home. Sometimes improperly installed insulation can cover soffit vents, causing a lack of airflow. Or you may find a gable and ridge vent installed in such a way that they counteract each other, resulting in improper airflow. These issues can create an environment that is ideal for mold growth.

2. Leaks in the Roof

It is no secret that mold thrives off of moisture. When you have a leak in your roof, this leads to increased moisture in the attic. Left unresolved, this will eventually result in mold growth. If you have a leak in your roof, you must seek roofing repair services as soon as possible to avoid mold growth and other issues.

3. Improperly Vented Bathroom Fans

Improper bathroom ventilation is one of the main culprits that bring about mold propagation. When a bathroom fan does not have a duct connected to a dedicated roof vent, the warm, moist air from your hot shower ends up in your attic. This extra humidity creates the ideal environment for white mold. Once mold gets started in your attic, it will continue to grow if not stopped. Mold spores feed off of organic matter, like the inside of your insulation. Mold remediation is necessary to create a healthy living environment.

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