Should You Seal Your Crawl Space in the Northwest?

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The crawl space isn’t anybody’s favorite part of their home. Between the creepy atmosphere and near-constant risk of mold and mildew, many homeowners wish they could just seal it all up. 

Crawl space encapsulation is popular in some parts of the country. But is it right for your Northwest home? Keep reading to find out. 

What Is the Purpose of Crawl Space Ventilation?

Most homes in America have a ventilated crawl space. Although it may seem counterintuitive to have vents somewhere you don’t plan on heating or cooling, they serve the important purpose of regulating the moisture levels in your crawl space. 

Moisture buildup in your crawl space can lead to problematic issues such as mold, mildew, structural rot, and even poor air quality in your home. 

Should I Close My Vents in the Winter?

There’s a common misconception that closing your crawl space vents in the winter will help keep your home warmer. But all that does is make it harder for your crawl space to remove moisture on its own. 

Keep your vents open and unobstructed year-round. Otherwise, you could find yourself requiring more crawl space services. 

Why Do People Choose to Seal Their Crawl Space?

Homeowners who have recurring moisture or pest problems in their crawl space may choose to encapsulate it. This sealing gives it an airtight, waterproof seal that nothing can penetrate, but it does come with consequences. 

Sealing and encapsulation crawl space services are popular in humid areas, like the southeast, where homeowners constantly battle moisture buildup in their crawl spaces.

Pros and Cons of Sealing a Crawl Space

Before deciding whether crawl space encapsulation is right for you, knowing both the good and the destructive effects is essential


The pros of crawl space sealing include:

  • Eliminating moisture
  • Preventing pests from entering
  • Increasing energy efficiency (if your crawl space has little to no insulation)

The clean, sealed environment can also provide additional storage space.


On the other hand, some disadvantages to consider include:

  • Encapsulated crawl spaces require more maintenance 
  • The sealing may be taxing on your HVAC system 
  • Encapsulation is very expensive, typically costing several thousand dollars

The more information you have, the easier it will be to make the right decision for your home.

Should You Seal Your Crawl Space in the Northwest? 

It’s typically not recommended to seal a crawl space in the northwest. We don’t have high enough humidity levels to warrant it, and it’s simply not cost-effective. In the northwest, we tend to have more problems with too much moisture in the soil rather than in the air, so sealing up your crawl space will only trap that moisture under your house. 

A properly ventilated and insulated crawl space should have no problems regulating moisture levels. However, other crawl space services, including regular inspections, are still pertinent to residents in the northwest. 

Professional Crawl Space Services Near You

When you need professional advice and care, turn to the pros at Attic Projects Seattle. Give us a call today to schedule one of our many crawl space services, including insulation installation. 

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