How Often Should You Clean Up Your Attic Crawl Space?

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It’s probably not like you’re hanging out in your crawl space every day. So it’s only natural that it might skip your mind when spring cleaning rolls around. But maintaining a clean crawl space is essential to keeping your home safe.

Spring is an excellent time to start making headway on your crawl space clean out plan. And there’s no easier way to execute a well-thought-out plan than with a professional attic cleaning service.

The Point of a Crawl Space Clean Out

If you’re a new homeowner or if you’ve accidentally left your attic and crawl spaces to fend for themselves, you might be wondering, “what’s the point?” Since you spend next to no time in there, how bad could it be?

Your crawl space and attic play a vital role in keeping your home well insulated. And neglected attics could harbor various issues that quickly snowball out of control. Pests or mold can cause air quality and health issues, while cracks or leaks could make your HVAC systems have to work overtime, leading to your energy bills skyrocketing.

So while your crawl space may be out of sight, it’s best to ensure that it’s never out of mind. We recommend checking your attic periodically for any signs of problems and calling on a team of professionals to assist with your crawl space clean-out at least once a year.

Tackling the Crawl Space Clean Out

What role do you, as the homeowner, have in maintaining your crawl space? Aside from bringing in expert help, it would be best if you also stayed alert for any musty or strange odors coming from the crawl space.

We also recommend that you do a quick assessment of the space before a professional arrives. Doing a once-over gives you more agency over what exactly needs looking at.

And while we do think Spring is an organic time to get to cleaning, try not to neglect your crawl space during the fall or winter, either. This time of year, critters will find warm places to build nests and seek refuge from the weather. Don’t let your home become their home — check on your attic and crawl spaces at least every six months.

In Case of Emergency

If you start noticing unpleasant smells or if you’re suddenly making eye contact with rodents or other pests, then it’s time to bring in help, regardless of what time of year it is. Stormy weather can also damage homes, leaving cracks or holes in your attic. Contact a team that offers various attic maintenance services in any of these emergencies, such as rodent proofing.

If you’re a Seattle homeowner gearing up for your crawl space clean-out, trust the professionals at Attic Projects to provide you with the maintenance you need. We’re here to make the tricky task of the annual attic and crawl space clean out simple, so call us today to get started. We’re here to help you out.

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