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How often do you think about your attic? If you’re like most homeowners, you probably only think about it when you have to crawl into it for one reason or another. It’s often a difficult-to-reach spot and too cramped to be usable. So it either sits empty, collecting dust and debris, or you may use it for storage.

Either way, your attic is an afterthought until there is a problem. But using proper attic insulation and keeping it clean can help prevent infestations and harmful contaminants from forming. Sure, you can try to keep up with it, but hiring professional attic cleaners can be very beneficial.

Keep reading to learn why hiring attic cleaning professionals is a wise investment.

Locate Cracks and Holes

It’s normal for cracks and holes to develop in your aging attic insulation and walls. Although they may be tiny spaces, they allow air to creep inside or escape your home and increase energy use. The excess air can make your home uncomfortable during the summer or winter months.

During a professional attic cleaning, technicians will identify areas where the air is leaking and suggest the best way to seal these areas.

Remove Dirt and Dust

Because you ignore your attic for extended periods, dirt and dust easily accumulate on the insulation. These particles find their way into your air, decreasing the indoor air quality. The excessive amount of debris in the air can irritate your allergens and make you uncomfortable.

However, an experienced attic cleaning crew will remove particles from the surface, protect the air quality, and keep the dust from settling.

Treat and Remove Mold

If air can move through a gap in your attic, so can water. Leaving this issue unattended will allow moisture to accumulate. As the attic heats, it creates the perfect place for mold to grow, contributing to rotting wood.

Attic cleaning professionals know how to remove mold and will prevent it from moving into your attic insulation. If mold has started growing on a layer of dust settled on the insulation, it can be treated and cleaned. In some cases, The best way to treat moldy insulation is to remove and replace it.

Eliminate Infestations

Rodents and other pests love the warmth an attic can give them during the long winter months. You may not even know you have an infestation because mice or rats mostly come out at night. But they often leave a trail of droppings.

Their feces and urine are contaminated with bacteria that can cause respiratory problems or other severe health conditions. On top of that, they chew holes in your attic insulation that contribute to the warm air entering your home.

If you suspect you have an infestation, contact a professional for help.

How Can Attic Projects Help?

We provide the Seattle area with top-of-the-line attic cleaning services to keep your attic and insulation sanitized. We specialize in removing infestations, deep cleaning, mold remediation, attic insulation installation, and much more.

If you need your attic cleaned or have questions about insulation, call Attic Projects today to learn what we can do for you.

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