rodent chewing through wires in attic

Types of Rodents Commonly Found in Washington Homes

Your home is a sanctuary where you find comfort and shelter. Unfortunately, homeowners often aren’t the only ones who find peace within the walls of a house. Rodents, pests, and other uninvited guests can move in unexpectedly, turning your once cozy environment into a battleground. Part of handling rodent removal is understanding what you’re dealing […]

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Wooden House Wall

What Is Rodent-Proofing? 

If you have a rodent infestation, you’re probably working with a professional exterminator to eliminate the problem. However, that’s not going to prevent any future infestations. Rodent proofing your home is essential to protecting your home and family from the dangers of a rodent infestation.  What Is Rodent-Proofing?  Rats and mice find warm homes attractive […]

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Rodent in Attic

When Is the Best Time to Rodent-Proof Your Attic?

Winter is the perfect time for unwanted critters to enter your home. After all, they’re looking for food and a place to keep warm, and a cozy house filled with tasty treats is the ideal location. Unfortunately, once they’ve invaded your space, rodents become a threat to your health and belongings.  You likely already know […]

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Closeup of Rodent Bombs - Why Rodent Bombing Is Bad for Your Home graphic

Why Rodent Bombing Is Bad for Your Home

Rodent bombing is a specific type of pest control that you should try to avoid. It uses total release foggers to kill rodents, similar to methods used for deep-rooted insect infestations. However, these are two separate situations that don’t call for the same approach at all. Rodent bombing is inhumane, causing unnecessary suffering to pests. […]

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