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When it comes to pests in your home, small to medium-sized rodents or reptiles might access your home’s crawl space for a variety of reasons. They might want to hibernate during the colder months or search for a cooler place to nest in the summer. No matter when these pests get into your attic access space, this isn’t a problem you can ignore.

Once pests get into this part of your home, they can damage your wood, insulation, and other essential components. They can also spread diseases to your family through bites, scratches, and their droppings.

If you’re concerned about your family’s health, you can address this issue by learning how to prevent and eliminate pest infestations.

Preventing Pest Infestations: Seal Off Your Crawl Space

While sealing off your attic or access space, several things must be considered. This is a multi-step project that might require the help of home maintenance professionals. As you plan each step in the project, consider whether it’s a task you can handle safely without skilled help.

Identify Common Access Points

There are several ways pests can get into your attic space. The size and traits of the pest will determine their ability to get inside your home. Insects and other tiny critters can squeeze through much smaller spaces than squirrels, skunks, or chipmunks.

  • Common pest access points include:
  • Chimney flue
  • Plumbing or electrical access points
  • Roof joints and exterior gutters
  • Attic and roof vents
  • Gaps in soffits and fascia boards
  • Gaps in other parts of your home’s construction
  • Access points for other pipes, vents, and ducts

While you can completely seal some gaps and holes, sealing off other access points might not be easy. For example, you’ll have to ensure exhaust can still travel through vents. For those home features, install wire mesh coverings. The mesh can help you prevent pest infestations in your crawl space without creating other home maintenance issues.

Get Rid of Pests Already in Your Home

You’ll know if you have pests or wildlife in your attic crawl space by observing some common signs. These signs include the sounds of scampering or scratching. In inspecting the area, you’ll see claw marks, holes, and other signs of gnawing or digging. Watch for animal droppings and a strong odor of urine.

Getting rid of these pests before sealing your crawl space is important since a sealed attic or access space removes the pest’s ability to feed. They also won’t be able to leave the space, leading to the pests dying in this part of your home. Before long, the unpleasant odor of dead animals will waft through your house.

Hiring professionals to remove pests from your home is always a good idea. A bite or scratch could spread rabies or other diseases to you. Professionals will have the resources and skills to remove these pests safely. They will also know how to look for eggs, nests, and other pest-related problems.

Another reason to hire professionals to free your crawl space from pests is that there are laws governing the treatment of some wildlife. Certain species of animals are in danger of extinction, so you can’t take any action that would kill them. A service experienced in pest removal will know which animals have legal protection, and they will know how to remove them safely from your home.

More Tips for Keeping Wildlife Out of Your Crawl Space

Even after you seal your attic or access space, there are more steps you can take to keep pests from attempting to get inside. Essentially, you will have to remove any features that make your attic space seem appealing to wildlife.

Keep It Dry and Cool

Moisture and humidity provide very tempting environments for a wide range of pests. From insects to reptiles, many critters look for dark, moist environments where they can thrive and breed.

Make sure your attic space has proper ventilation to keep the area cool. Keep an eye on your roof as well. Even a minor leak will create an access point and provide the moisture that many pests crave.

Switch to Plastic

An attic space is ideal for storage since there isn’t much more you can do with this part of your home. Usually, this means shoving cardboard boxes filled with clutter into the space.

Termites, cockroaches, mice, rats, and other pests either consume cardboard or use it for nesting. Additionally, a box of clutter provides a perfect place for nocturnal reptiles to hide.

Ditch the cardboard to eliminate this problem. Instead, use plastic crates with sealable covers. You’ll remove the allure for most pests, and the covers will ensure nothing is hiding amidst your clutter. Plastic is also more durable than cardboard. If a roof leak develops, you won’t have to worry about destroying your valuables.

Regularly Clean Your Attic Space

Every few months, you should inspect and clean your crawl space. As you examine this part of your home, look for moisture, mold growth, and damage. These signs will alert you to home maintenance issues and the presence of pests. If you inspect your attic every three to four months, you’ll catch these problems sooner.

Make sure to clean as you inspect your attic access space. If there are windows, wash and dry the glass and frames. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the wood beams and boards. If the area has a finished floor, sweep and mop the surface.

If you don’t have the time or energy to clean your attic space, hire a professional service that does this type of work.

We’ll Keep Unwanted Guests Out of Your Crawl Space

Attic Projects will address the causes of your pest infestations and help you remove them. We’ll clean up your attic access space, including any waste or debris pests have left behind. We’ll also use proven pest control techniques to keep wildlife from accessing this part of your home again. Contact us to get started today!


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