Extermination vs. Rodent Proofing 

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At some point, most homeowners experience a minor rodent infestation and need to rely on a rodent control company. The company you call may handle your issue with an emphasis on extermination. In contrast, others market their services as rodent proofing.

When you understand the difference between these two services, you are better equipped to choose a company that will meet your needs.

Drawbacks to Extermination

Rodents are known to carry harmful pathogens, contaminate food, and can be detrimental to anyone with a compromised immune system. However, rodents don’t just appear in your home. They need a portal of entry from the outside. That access point can be in the basement or through the attic.

When you hire an extermination company, they will work to completely remove the infestation from your home. This likely involves poison and traps. Although this sounds like a sensible solution, extermination has a lot of drawbacks.

Time Consuming

Extermination is not a quick fix for your infestation. Multiple doses of poison must be administered over several days before the rodents are eliminated.

Hazardous to Humans and Pets

When poison or traps linger in your home, they can be hazardous to small children and pets. Ask the exterminator about any chemicals used in your home, including their placement. This will allow you to set up precautions to keep your loved ones safe.


After a rat has been poisoned, it will move throughout your home. It may die within the walls, remaining there to rot. Eventually, the smell of the decay will filter into your living space and create an incubator for bacteria and disease.

Only Temporary

Traps and poison may eliminate some of your rodent problems. But they don’t solve the problem of how the critters got into your house in the first place. In addition, a rat pregnancy lasts about 21 days, meaning they can reproduce quickly. The cycle of trapping and poisoning can be endless.

Rodent Proofing Is Prevention

Rodent proofing is a valuable investment. It is the only sure way to prevent future infestations. Furthermore, rodent proofing isn’t harmful because it doesn’t involve using poison or traps. Instead, it is completed in three separate phases.

Inspecting the Attic

Before any job can be completed, the rodent proofing company will conduct a thorough inspection of your attic for portals of entry. If there aren’t any openings, there is no place for pests to enter your home.

Sealing Any Openings

Once these openings are noted, the professionals will use a professional grade sealant and steel mesh to close them. This removes any access rodents or pests have and prevents future infestations.


After closing up the openings, your attic will be adequately cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized. This additional service will remove any feces and bacteria left behind by the infestation.

Rodent Proofing in Seattle

When dealing with a rodent problem, don’t stress yourself out. Call Attic Projects in Seattle, WA, to take care of the problem for you. We will manage the rodent population in your home and seal any openings to prevent future infestations. Talk to us today to learn how we can help!

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