What is a Vapor Barrier and Is It Necessary?

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If your home has a crawl space, you might need to install a crawl space vapor barrier. A vapor barrier keeps your crawl space dry and protects HVAC ductwork, wiring, and plumbing that may be in your crawl space. 

Up to 40% of the air we breathe on the main floor of our homes comes from the crawl space or basement. A vapor barrier can also block harmful gases, such as radon, that comes from the soil. 

Signs of Crawl Space Moisture

Are you concerned you may have excess moisture in your crawl space? Some signs of moisture include:

  • Standing water or mud
  • Rot and rust
  • Musty odors
  • Mold and mildew on walls and floors
  • Peeling paint on home exterior
  • Issues with allergies or asthma

How a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Can Help

Protect Against Mold and Pests

A vapor barrier keeps your crawl space and your home dry. It also can protect your home against mold growth, dust mites, insects, and other pests. The vapor barrier is a thin sheeting that creates a barrier between water and your home. The crawl space vapor barrier is spread across the soil and goes up the crawl space walls.

Protect Your Ducts and Wiring

If you have any type of metal ductwork in your crawl space, having a vapor barrier can protect it against rust and corrosion. Water and moisture can make metal rust, and this can lead to the ducts needing to be replaced sooner. When you install a vapor barrier, not only are you protecting the ductwork, but you will also help regulate your home’s temperature with the added insulation.

Most crawl spaces also have wiring running through them. Although the wiring itself is protected, joints and connections can be an entry point for water and moisture. With a vapor barrier, you can rest easy knowing that your wiring is protected. 

Reduce Allergies and Asthma

If you reside in an area of the country that is prone to wet, damp weather, a crawl space vapor barrier can make your home drier. A vapor barrier can prevent the wood of your foundation and frame from absorbing water, thus making your entire home drier.  Moisture can wreak havoc on your home. It can also exacerbate allergies and asthma. If you detect a musty smell in your home, you may have moisture in your crawl space.

Protect Resale Value of Your Home

Not having a crawl space vapor barrier could affect the resale value of your home. A home inspector will explore your crawl space and note if there is not a vapor barrier present. At the time of the inspection, any water damage will also be reported. This could become costly for you. 

Call Attic Projects to Install Your Vapor Barrier

Attic Projects crawl space services include a detailed report of the condition of your crawl space and what is needed to fix any water or moisture problems. Our technicians are fully trained to find moisture, water, rot, and decay in your crawl space. Prior to completing any work, you will be given a detailed quote of what needs to be replaced or fixed and the cost. Attic Projects guarantees 100% satisfaction. Contact Attic Projects today for crawl space services!

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