What is Cellulose Insulation?

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Have you heard of cellulose insulation? It is one of the oldest types of insulation material used in the United States. It can either be a loose-fill or blown-in type. 

For some years, cellulose insulation fell out of widespread use, but recently, cellulose insulation has become more popular. The rise in popularity may be because cellulose insulation can protect your home better in case of a fire because the material is denser than fiberglass. 

Typical places in your home that cellulose would be used is in enclosed existing walls, new walls, and attics. Cellulose insulation can be installed in existing homes as well as new construction. Cellulose insulation is made of ground-up recycled paper and is treated with boric acid, borax, or ammonium sulfate.

Types of Cellulose Insulation

If you are in the market to insulate your attic and are interested in cellulose insulation, you will need to know about the four different types. Those types are dry cellulose, spray-applied cellulose, stabilized cellulose, and low dust cellulose.

  • Dry Cellulose – If you have a new home construction, this is a great choice. It is installed by drilling holes into the top wall of your attic and blowing the cellulose insulation in. 
  • Spray Applied Cellulose – This is another great option for new construction homes. If you live in an area that gets damp or humid, this type of insulation would be great for your home as a moisture retardant is applied to the insulation to prevent mold growth. 
  • Stabilized Cellulose – This is the most popular type of cellulose insulation,  and is low-weight insulation. Only a small bit of water is used to activate the adhesive.
  • Low Dust Cellulose – This is a great option for homeowners that have allergies as it has the lowest dust levels. 

Why Choose Cellulose Insulation?

Knowing what type of insulation to choose for your home can be difficult, but you may want to consider cellulose insulation as your choice. Cellulose insulation can save you a significant amount of money in heating and cooling costs due to the high thermal performance rating. If you plan to use your attic for storage or as an extra room, cellulose insulation is a great option. 

Additionally, cellulose insulation provides a better sound barrier than other insulation. The main reason cellulose is a great choice is its fire safety rating. The fire-retardant treatment makes it a favorite among homeowners. 

Cellulose insulation is very budget-friendly for homeowners and costs less than other insulation options. If you are worried about pests getting into your attic, cellulose insulation is a great pest deterrent. 

Cellulose Insulation is Eco-friendly

Cellulose insulation is considered a green product as it is made up of 85% recycled materials. This type of insulation has the highest recycled content of any other insulation currently on the market. You can feel good about your choice when you put cellulose insulation in your home.  The non-recycled parts of the cellulose insulation are still preferable to other materials as it has a low toxicity rating. 

If you are looking for attic insulation, consider using cellulose insulation. Our Attic Projects technicians can come to your home and give you a free, no-obligation quote. Our technicians are fully trained in cellulose insulation and can give you the options that will work best for your home and your lifestyle. Contact us today to set up your appointment!

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