How to Choose the Right Type of Attic Insulation

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Deciding which insulation to install in your home is not simply a matter of picking the first one you see on the shelves, as there are important differences to be aware of. You need to consider many factors, such as what is recommended for your specific climate, what amount of insulation you would like, and how much your budget is. When you contact attic insulation companies, be sure to speak with them about what area of your home you will be insulating, as this can also play a factor in what type of insulation you decide to install.

Attic insulation services require a certain amount of knowledge about what will be installed and shouldn’t be left to inexperienced individuals. Here are some tips about choosing the right type of attic insulation for your home.

Is the Area Finished or Unfinished?

When deciding which type of attic insulation will work best for your home, one important factor to consider is where the insulation will be installed. Unfinished walls have a lot more flexibility in terms of what type of insulation is able to be installed, providing homeowners with a more diverse set of options to choose from.

Consult with local attic insulation companies about which type of insulation will work best for an unfinished wall. For finished walls, it is recommended to use blown-in insulation, as this is able to fill in the spaces in walls with ease, making it ideal for areas such as crawl spaces, wall studs, and insulating attics.

Your Target R-Value

The type and amount of insulation you install in your home’s attic will vary based on what the insulation needs are for your area. For instance, a home in Miami will have dramatically different needs than a home in Alaska, as the R-Value for south Florida will be much lower than a more frigid environment. It is recommended to use R-30 for hot climates, R-38 for temperate climates, and R-49 for cold climates.

If you live in Southern California, you will want to give Attic Projects a call to determine what type of insulation would be best used in your attic.

Budget Concerns and Material Options

Selecting the right type of attic insulation is not only a matter of selecting the best possible material for your home; you also have to consider what your budget is. If you are looking for material which will provide you with a maximum amount of airflow blockage, cotton is a great option but will also cost you more than other types.

Mineral wool is a material which provides a great deal of fire resistance but will also cost more than other materials. When speaking with an attic insulation services company, discuss what your priorities are so they are able to match you with the best fit for your needs and budget.

If you believe your home could need an insulation overhaul, as you notice your energy costs continue to climb, it’s time to contact Attic Projects to help get it done. Our professional and experienced team of attic insulation specialists can help you address this issue and offer sustainable, cost-efficient solutions, providing you with the peace of mind you need. Connect with us today so we can help you determine the ideal insulation fit for your home.


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