Signs Your Attic Has Water Damage

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One of the most dangerous yet unnoticed things that can cause significant damage to your home is when water or moisture seeps into your attic and wreaks havoc on the structural integrity of your roof. It’s important to know the signs of potential or actual water damage, which can be caused by heavy rains, cracks or leaks, structural problems, or even pest infestation.

If you are buying or selling a home, or even if you’d just like some peace of mind, your best bet is to have your attic regularly inspected by a professional attic services company. The experts know right away if there are signs of trouble and can give you a free estimate on the best ways to fix the problem.

Where should I start when it comes to finding signs of attic water damage?

The best place to start looking for attic water damage is from the outside. If you can see your roof, gables, and gutters from the ground, you may be able to see if there are cracks, rotted or broken wood, or if the gutters are clogged or hanging away from your house. All of these could be signs of potential trouble.

It is highly recommended that you let an attic services company perform a closer inspection if you notice any signs of trouble. Many injuries occur when homeowners attempt to climb a ladder to get onto their roof. Why not let the pros, those who do this every day, take a look? Keep yourself safe and keep your inspection firmly grounded!

Once you’ve taken a look from the ground outside, it’s time to move your inspection indoors. There are several things you should look for inside your home. Check for water rings on the ceiling or walls. Water that seeps into your attic must find a place to go, and that is most often into the ceilings and walls. For terrible leaks, you may even hear dripping sounds coming from your attic or walls.

Trust also your sense of smell. A sure sign of attic water damage is if there is mildew or a musty smell in the air. Water pooling in still, dark corners will almost inevitably cause mold growth, which can be toxic and will require mitigation by an attic services company.

Pay particular attention to your gutters and roof when the snow and ice come in the winter. Frozen water can seep into cracks in the roof and then find its way into your home when it melts. You need to keep an eye on most are around and near the chimney and where roof planes join together. Roof vents should be clear and functional, and regularly check to ensure that your attic insulation is dry and working right.

What should I do if I have attic water damage?

Call in our pros! Attic Projects will come out to your home, perform a free inspection, and then give you a free estimate of the work it will take to fix any problems.

Leave the crawling around the dark corners of your attic and climbing ladders to your roof to the pros. We’ll make sure that your home is safe and healthy for years to come. 

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