Open Cell Insulation Vs Closed Cell Insulation In Attics

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There are many different kinds of attic insulation on the market. It can be confusing for homeowners to decide which is the best kind of attic insulation to choose to protect their property. One popular variety is sprayed on insulating foam, a polyurethane material commonly used as a thermal barrier. In recent years this has become the kind of attic insulation you most likely see.

But even within this one product line, there are two different kinds – open-cell and closed-cell. They are both applied from two tanks and expand upon spraying. Both varieties are frequently used in construction because they apply quickly and reach into the nooks and crannies that could otherwise be overlooked.

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What are the differences between open-cell and closed-cell insulations?

As mentioned above, both open-cell insulation and closed-cell insulation are composed of polyurethane and blown into place. Open-cell foam has tiny air bubbles throughout that help prevent heat transfer through the foam. The bubbles trap the air, creating a solid thermal barrier.

Closed-cell foam has the same tiny bubbles, but a blowing agent fills them to provide a far more effective thermal barrier than air. This increases the R-value, the measurement used to determine the effectiveness of attic insulation.

Open-cell foam does not act to block vapor, allowing it instead to pass through. Open cell is considered particularly effective in hot climates where the attic insulation is geared primarily towards cooling. Closed-cell insulation is far denser, which prevents heat from escaping. The density also acts as a significant moisture barrier and is very good at preventing water penetration. This makes it a better protector against mold and bacterial growth, both things that could cause damage to the structure of your home.

Since they are both applied in the same manner, the decision over which kind of attic insulation to use in your home comes down to what type of climate you live in and whether or not you are concerned with moisture buildup. It’s even possible that an open-cell may be appropriate for one part of your attic while a closed-cell would fill in the gaps better and protect a different part of your attic more effectively.

How can I get help in making my decision?

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